1st Edition

Roma Education in Europe Practices, policies and politics

Edited By Maja Miskovic Copyright 2013

    For the last three decades, the international response to the adverse conditions of Roma has been intensive, producing a plethora of educational policies, reforms, and strategies that have been developed and implemented. This edited volume gathers together prominent international scholars, advocates and activists, with the purpose of offering a comprehensive and integrated understanding of how historical, political, and cultural forces shape educational experiences and social policy for the Roma population in Europe.

    The book uses theoretical and empirical lenses to understand the formal and informal education of Roma. Through the contextualised theorisation of Roma education it illustrates, illuminates and discusses issues of wider concern. Interdisciplinary conceptual frameworks bind the chapters together and offer an in-depth examination of the questions and issues relevant to the field of education, structuring the book around three central themes:

    -schooling and social policy; the promises and pitfalls of multiculturalism, integration and inclusion and the deconstruction of educational policies and law

    -education inside and outside schools; empirical accounts of life in school and the achievements and missed opportunities of the Decade of Roma Inclusion

    -participation, activism and advocacy; investigating the responsibilities of Roma and non-Roma intellectuals, educators, activists and advocates.

    Roma Education in Europe grapples with uneven economic and political developments, and as a result, with the possibilities and shortcomings of integration, social justice, and the role of supranational agencies in changing the course of schooling and education. The book will be key reading for those researching or studying Romani studies, education, sociology, and cultural, ethnicity and immigration studies.

    Foreword Hristo Kyuchukov  Introduction Maja Miskovic  Part I: Roma Education between Theory, Policy and Politics  Roma as Homines Educandi: A Collective Subject between Educational Provision, Social Control, and Humanism Sevasti Trubeta  Educating Against the Cultural Politics and Complicities of Containment Cathryn Teasley  Scapegoated in Schools: Reading a Collective Roma Narrative Alexandra Fidyk  The Roma People: Problem or Mirror for Western European Society? An Exploration of Educational Possibilities Elias Hemelsoet  Beyond Numbers: Education and Policy in the Decade of Roma Inclusion Svjetlana Curcic and Shayna Plaut  Part II: Educational Practices and Experiences  The Schooling of Romani Americans: An Overview Ian Hancock (o Yanko le Redjosko)  Integration of Gypsy/ Roma/Traveller Children in English Schools: Trojan or Pantomime Horse? Martin P. Levinson  Roma, Non-Roma and the Modern Working Class (Familiar) Stranger Annabel Tremlett  Special Needs and Alternative Strategies: Roma Education in Hungary Katalin R. Forray  The Shades of Incomplete: Roma Educational Policy in Bulgaria Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov  Part III: Roma and Public Curriculum  Support for Roma in Higher Education and Social Cohesion Eben Friedman and Stela Garaz  The Linguistic Richness of Roma in Serbia: Banat and its Multilingual Dimension Biljana Sikimić and Annemarie Sorescu Marinković  Litigating Exclusion, Inclusion and Separation: Dilemmas of Justice in Roma Education Reform William New  Traveling Activism and Knowledge Production in Contemporary Romani Politics Huub van Baar


    Maja Miskovic is Associate Professor at the Department of Educational Foundations and Inquiry, and Director of the Curriculum and Social Inquiry doctoral program at National Louis University, Chicago, USA.