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Routledge Advances in Defence Studies

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Routledge Advances in Defence Studies is a multi-disciplinary series examining innovations, disruptions, counter-culture histories, and unconventional approaches to understanding contemporary forms, challenges, logics, frameworks, and technologies of national defence. This is the first series explicitly dedicated to examining the impact of radical change on national security and the construction of theoretical and imagined disruptions to existing structures, practices, and behaviours in the defence community of practice. The purpose of this series is to establish a first-class intellectual home for conceptually challenging and empirically authoritative studies that offer insight, clarity, and sustained focus.

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Human Factors in Effective Counter-Terrorism A Comparative Study

Human Factors in Effective Counter-Terrorism: A Comparative Study

1st Edition


By Richard Warnes
February 29, 2024

This book seeks to provide a comparative assessment of the significance of ‘human factors’ in effective counter-terrorism. The phrase ‘human factors’ is used to describe personal relationships, individual capabilities, effective leadership, technical interface, organisational culture and the ...

Great Power Cyber Competition Competing and Winning in the Information Environment

Great Power Cyber Competition: Competing and Winning in the Information Environment

1st Edition


Edited By David V. Gioe, Margaret W. Smith
February 20, 2024

This volume conceptualizes the threats, challenges, opportunities, and boundaries of great power cyber competition of the 21st century. This book focuses on a key dimension of contemporary great power competition that is often less understood due to its intangible character: the competition taking ...

Governance and Intervention in Mali Elusive Security

Governance and Intervention in Mali: Elusive Security

1st Edition


By Susanna D. Wing
February 13, 2024

This book provides the historical and political context for the security interventions in Mali over the past three decades. The work contextualizes external military engagement (including that of the United States, France, the United Nations and G5 Sahel) within the broader framework of weak ...

Defence Offsets and the Global Arms Trade Explaining Cross-National Variations

Defence Offsets and the Global Arms Trade: Explaining Cross-National Variations

1st Edition


By Jonata Anicetti
February 06, 2024

This book offers the first comprehensive study of defence offsets and its economic, security, political and theoretical implications. Originating in the second half of the 19th century, defence offsets - additional economic, industrial and technological benefits to states from buying foreign ...

Climate Change, Conflict and (In)Security Hot War

Climate Change, Conflict and (In)Security: Hot War

1st Edition


Edited By Timothy Clack, Ziya Meral, Louise Selisny
December 01, 2023

This book offers a multidisciplinary exploration of how climate change is impacting conflicts, contention, and competition in the world. The volume examines how climate change is creating and exacerbating insecurities for millions of people globally, and how states, inter-governmental bodies, and ...

Understanding UK Defence Exports The International Trade in Defence Capabilities

Understanding UK Defence Exports: The International Trade in Defence Capabilities

1st Edition

By John Louth
April 28, 2023

This book offers a comprehensive overview of UK defence exports, as an example of the international trade in defence capabilities. The work explores the subject of defence exports from the UK through various lenses, ranging from ethics, geopolitics, and national resilience to technology transfer, ...

The Conduct of War in the 21st Century Kinetic, Connected and Synthetic

The Conduct of War in the 21st Century: Kinetic, Connected and Synthetic

1st Edition

Edited By Rob Johnson, Martijn Kitzen, Tim Sweijs
January 09, 2023

This book examines the key dimensions of 21st century war, and shows that orthodox thinking about war, particularly what it is and how it is fought, needs to be updated. Accelerating societal, economic, political and technological change affects how we prepare, equip and organise for war, as well ...

How Wars End Theory and Practice

How Wars End: Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Damien Kingsbury, Richard Iron
December 27, 2022

This book addresses one of the most important issues in international relations – how wars are ended. The volume draws on the direct experience of both soldiers and academics, who in each case have also been advisers on fighting and ending wars. Unlike more theoretical works, the book draws on ...

Cultural Heritage in Modern Conflict Past, Propaganda, Parade

Cultural Heritage in Modern Conflict: Past, Propaganda, Parade

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy Clack, Mark Dunkley
September 09, 2022

This edited volume offers an in-depth study of heritage and warfare from the perspective of defence studies. The book focuses on how, in different contexts, heritage can be a catalyst and target of conflict, an obstacle to stabilisation, and a driver of peace-building. It documents the changing ...

Strategic Autonomy and Economic Power The Economy as a Strategic Theater

Strategic Autonomy and Economic Power: The Economy as a Strategic Theater

1st Edition

By Vitor Bento
August 04, 2022

This book examines the effect of economic power on a state’s strategic autonomy. Strategic autonomy is a fundamental condition for the availability of strategic options in the interaction of states. This book provides the first clear operational definition of the concept and offers an analysis of ...

Making British Defence Policy Continuity and Change

Making British Defence Policy: Continuity and Change

1st Edition

By Robert Self
June 17, 2022

This book explores the process by which defence policy is made in contemporary Britain and the institutions, actors and conflicting interests which interact in its inception and continuous reformulation. Rather than dealing with the substance of defence policy, this study focuses upon the ...

The World Information War Western Resilience, Campaigning, and Cognitive Effects

The World Information War: Western Resilience, Campaigning, and Cognitive Effects

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy Clack, Robert Johnson
May 11, 2021

This book outlines the threats from information warfare faced by the West and analyses the ways it can defend itself. Existing on a spectrum from communication to indoctrination, information can be used to undermine trust, amplify emotional resonance, and reformulate identities. The West is ...

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