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Routledge Advances in Defence Studies

About the Series

Routledge Advances in Defence Studies is a multi-disciplinary series examining innovations, disruptions, counter-culture histories, and unconventional approaches to understanding contemporary forms, challenges, logics, frameworks, and technologies of national defence. This is the first series explicitly dedicated to examining the impact of radical change on national security and the construction of theoretical and imagined disruptions to existing structures, practices, and behaviours in the defence community of practice. The purpose of this series is to establish a first-class intellectual home for conceptually challenging and empirically authoritative studies that offer insight, clarity, and sustained focus.

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The World Information War Western Resilience, Campaigning, and Cognitive Effects

The World Information War: Western Resilience, Campaigning, and Cognitive Effects

1st Edition

Edited By Timothy Clack, Robert Johnson
May 11, 2021

This book outlines the threats from information warfare faced by the West and analyses the ways it can defend itself. Existing on a spectrum from communication to indoctrination, information can be used to undermine trust, amplify emotional resonance, and reformulate identities. The West is ...

The Conduct of War in the 21st Century Kinetic, Connected and Synthetic

The Conduct of War in the 21st Century: Kinetic, Connected and Synthetic

1st Edition

Edited By Rob Johnson, Martijn Kitzen, Tim Sweijs
March 03, 2021

This book examines the key dimensions of 21st century war, and shows that orthodox thinking about war, particularly what it is and how it is fought, needs to be updated. Accelerating societal, economic, political and technological change affects how we prepare, equip and organise for war, as well ...

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