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Routledge Communication Series

About the Series

The Routledge Communication Series covers the breadth of the communication discipline, from interpersonal communication to public relations, offering textbooks, handbooks, and scholarly reference materials.

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Handbook of Visual Communication Theory, Methods, and Media

Handbook of Visual Communication: Theory, Methods, and Media

2nd Edition

Edited By Sheree Josephson, James Kelly, Ken Smith
April 22, 2020

This Handbook of Visual Communication explores the key theoretical areas and research methods of visual communication. With chapters contributed by many of the best-known and respected scholars in visual communication, this volume brings together significant and influential work in the discipline. ...

African American Communication Examining the Complexities of Lived Experiences

African American Communication: Examining the Complexities of Lived Experiences

3rd Edition

By Ronald L. Jackson II, Amber L. Johnson, Michael L. Hecht, Sidney A. Ribeau
November 28, 2019

Now in its third edition, this text examines how African Americans personally and culturally define themselves and how that definition informs their communication habits, practices, and norms. This edition includes new chapters that highlight discussions of gender and sexuality, intersectional ...

Communication Research Measures III A Sourcebook

Communication Research Measures III: A Sourcebook

1st Edition

Edited By Elizabeth E. Graham, Joseph P. Mazer
September 30, 2019

Building on the measures included in the original 1994 volume and subsequent 2009 volume, Communication Research Measures III: A Sourcebook extends its coverage of measurement issues and trends across the entire communication discipline. Volume III features entirely new content and offers an ...

Political Public Relations Concepts, Principles, and Applications

Political Public Relations: Concepts, Principles, and Applications

2nd Edition

Edited By Jesper Stromback, Spiro Kiousis
August 14, 2019

The second edition of Political Public Relations offers an interdisciplinary overview of the latest theory and research in the still emerging field of political public relations. The book continues its international orientation in order to fully contextualize the field amidst the various political...

Advertising and Public Relations Law

Advertising and Public Relations Law

3rd Edition

By Carmen Maye, Roy L. Moore, Erik L. Collins
July 09, 2019

Addressing a critical need, Advertising and Public Relations Law explores the issues and ideas that affect the regulation of advertising and public relations speech, some of the most dynamic and prevalent areas of professional communications today. This updated third edition explores the ...

Media Effects Advances in Theory and Research

Media Effects: Advances in Theory and Research

4th Edition

Edited By Mary Beth Oliver, Arthur A. Raney, Jennings Bryant
June 28, 2019

Now in its fourth edition, Media Effects again features essays from some of the finest scholars in the field and serves as a comprehensive reference volume for scholars, teachers, and students. This edition contains both new and updated content that reflects our media-saturated environments, ...

Advertising Theory

Advertising Theory

2nd Edition

Edited By Shelly Rodgers, Esther Thorson
May 01, 2019

Advertising Theory provides detailed and current explorations of key theories in the advertising discipline. The volume gives a working knowledge of the primary theoretical approaches of advertising, offering a comprehensive synthesis of the vast literature in the area. Editors Shelly Rodgers and ...

Analyzing Media Messages Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research

Analyzing Media Messages: Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research

4th Edition

By Stephen Lacy, Daniel Riffe, Brendan R. Watson, Frederick G. Fico
April 01, 2019

Analyzing Media Messages, Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive guide to conducting content analysis research. It establishes a formal definition of quantitative content analysis; gives step-by-step instructions on designing a content analysis study; and explores in depth several recurring ...

An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research

An Integrated Approach to Communication Theory and Research

3rd Edition

Edited By Don W. Stacks, Michael B. Salwen, Kristen C. Eichhorn
March 06, 2019

This new edition provides a comprehensive overview of current theory and research written by the top theorists and researchers in each area. It has been updated to address the growing influence of technology, changing relationships, and several growing integrated approaches to communication and ...

Family Communication

Family Communication

3rd Edition

By Chris Segrin, Jeanne Flora
January 07, 2019

This third edition of Family Communication carefully examines state-of-the art research and theories of family communication and family relationships. In addition to presenting contemporary cutting-edge research, it also includes extensive presentation and application of classic theories and ...

Bad Tidings Communication and Catastrophe

Bad Tidings: Communication and Catastrophe

1st Edition

Edited By Lynne Masel-Walters, Lee Wilkins, Tim Walters
February 01, 1993

First Published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

Applied Organizational Communication Theory and Practice in a Global Environment

Applied Organizational Communication: Theory and Practice in a Global Environment

4th Edition

By Thomas E. Harris, Mark D. Nelson
November 18, 2018

The fourth edition of Applied Organizational Communication provides a current, in-depth analysis of the theories and practices critical to understanding organizational communication concepts in a global environment. This new edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the most ...

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