1st Edition

Routledge Companion to Ba Jin

Edited By Chen Chang, Liu Tianyi, Chen Sihe Copyright 2024

    Exploring the creations of Ba Jin (1904–2005), one of the most significant writers in modern China, this edited volume offers in-depth discussions of the writer and his works from a global perspective to initiate and advance dialogues between the Chinese- and English- speaking scholarly communities.

    The four sections of the book provide readers with a detailed biography and an overview of research on Ba Jin since the 1980s to reflect on the academic achievements of several generations in China. In addition, it includes a selected collection of articles from Korean, German, and French scholars. These articles cover Ba Jin’s life thoughts, personality, literary creation, editing, publishing, and other aspects of the research.

    This companion aims to provide an alternative lens for Chinese literature studies in a global context. It will be an essential read to students and scholars of East Asian studies, Chinese studies, and those interested in modern Chinese literature.

    List of contributors



    Part I: The Brief Biography of Ba Jin

    1.The Brief Biography of Ba Jin

    Liu Tianyi

    Part II: An Overview of Studies on Ba Jin

    2. Ba Jin’s Creation in Russia

    Alexey Rodionov

    3. Ba Jin’s Acceptance in France

    Angel Pino

    4. Overview of Ba Jin Research in Japan

    Kondo Mitsuo

    5. Review of Ba Jin Research

    Li Cunguang

    6. Several Issues in Ba Jin Research

    Chen Sihe

    7. Summary of Eight Years since Ba Jin’s Former Residence Open

    Li Xiufang

    Part III: Studies on Ba Jin in China

    8. From Lu Xun to Ba Jin: Discussion on Ba Jin’s Significance in the History of Modern Literature

    Chen Sihe

    9. Personality Forging: The Road Ahead Will be Long and Endless: Development History of Ba Jin’s Personality

    Li Cunguang

    10. Walking at the End of Night: On Ba Jin’s Ideological Transformation from 1969 to 1980

    Hu Jingmin

    11. Literary Family and Historical "Family"

    Liu Zhirong

    12. Garden of Repose: Love Elegy of Confession and Forgiveness

    Ma Yuhong

    13. Female Dilemma in Heavy Fence: Interpreting Ba Jin’s Cold Night with a Feminist Criticism

    Liu Huiying

    14. Significance of Random Thoughts in the History of Thought

    Li Hui

    15. Publishing Thought and Publishing Theory of Ba Jin

    Sun Jing

    16. Literary Memory of Half a Century

    Zhou Limin

    Part IV: Studies on Ba Jin Abroad

    17. About Destruction: Meaning of Ba Jin’s "Exile"

    Sakai Hirobumi

    18. A Study of Ba Jin’s Correspondence with European and American Anarchists

    Yamaguchi Mamoru

    19. Talking about Family, The Garden of Repose and Cold Night

    Wolfgang Kubin

    20. "The Original of the Film": On the Background of the Publication of the First German Translation of Family, Ba Jin’s Novel

    Alexander Saechtig

    21. Contradiction between National Discourse and Personal Discourse: Centering on Ba Jin’s works during the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea

    Park Nan Young

    22. Random Thoughts: The Process of Seeking and Recovering Self-Image

    Lee Siching

    23. Ba Jin’s Garden of Repose and Rousseau’s The New Heloise

    Tanguy Ramino

    24. Discussion on Creation Process and Significance of From Capitalism to Anarchism

    Shintani Hideaki


    Appendix I: Bibliographical Reference of Ba Jin Research Monographs

    Appendix II: Bibliographical Reference of the Separate Editions of Books written and Translated by Ba Jin




    Chen Chang is an assistant professor at Tongji University, China. Dr Chang’s research focuses on Chinese contemporary literature. Previous publications include The River of Time: The Life Climate of Chinese Modern Writers.

    Liu Tianyi is a Doctor of Literature at Fudan University, China, and a young critic. His research focuses on 20th-century literary history, Ba Jin, and left-wing literature, and engages in literary criticism and novel creation.

    Chen Sihe is a professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Fudan University, China. He is a Special-Appointed Professor of the "Changjiang Scholars Program" with the Ministry of Education and Library Director at Fudan University. He is an expert on Ba Jin, the history of 20th-century Chinese literature, and the relationship between Chinese and foreign literature.