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Routledge Contemporary Asian Societies

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Routledge Contemporary Asian Societies provides an original and distinctive contribution to current debates on evolutions shaping societies, cultures, politics and media across North and South East Asia. It is interdisciplinary in its approach and the editors welcome proposals across the social sciences and humanities; from political, social, cultural and economic studies to gender, media, literature, anthropology, philosophy and religion.

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China-Latin America and the Caribbean Assessment and Outlook

China-Latin America and the Caribbean: Assessment and Outlook

1st Edition


Edited By Thierry Kellner, Sophie Wintgens
November 04, 2022

This book assesses the political, economic and geopolitical dynamics that China’s presence has initiated throughout Latin America and the Caribbean between 2008 and 2020. Written by experts across three continents, contributions to this edited volume explore the bilateral relations that China...

China's Green Consensus Participation, Co-optation, and Legitimation

China's Green Consensus: Participation, Co-optation, and Legitimation

1st Edition


By Virginie Arantes
September 09, 2022

Despite contrasting approaches, democratic and authoritarian governments all underline the fact that environmental protection is crucial and inevitable—and China’s enthusiasm in stepping up its efforts to protect the environment has not gone unnoticed. This book highlights how the consensual ...

History, Memory, and Territorial Cults in the Highlands of Laos The Past Inside the Present

History, Memory, and Territorial Cults in the Highlands of Laos: The Past Inside the Present

1st Edition

By Pierre Petit
October 24, 2019

This book captures the dynamics of history, memory, and territorial cults in Houay Yong, a Tai Vat village situated in the multiethnic highland frontier between Laos and Vietnam. By taking seriously the experiences of the villagers, it partakes in a broader movement to reintegrate highlanders and ...

China’s Youth Cultures and Collective Spaces Creativity, Sociality, Identity and Resistance

China’s Youth Cultures and Collective Spaces: Creativity, Sociality, Identity and Resistance

1st Edition

Edited By Vanessa Frangville, Gwennaël Gaffric
September 12, 2019

Presenting the collaborative work of 13 international specialists of contemporary Chinese culture and society, this book explores the spaces of creation, production, and diffusion of "youth cultures" in China among generations born since the 1980s. Defining the concept of "youth culture" as ...

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