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Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series

About the Series

The aim of this series is to publish original, high-quality work by both new and established scholars on all aspects of South Asia.

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Reshaping City Governance London, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad

Reshaping City Governance: London, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad

1st Edition

By Nirmala Rao
January 24, 2018

India’s cities are in the midst of an unprecedented urban expansion. While India is acknowledged as a rising power, poised to emerge into the front rank of global economies, the pace and scale of its urbanisation calls for more effective metropolitan management if that growth is not to be ...

Development, Poverty and Power in Pakistan The impact of state and donor interventions on farmers

Development, Poverty and Power in Pakistan: The impact of state and donor interventions on farmers

1st Edition

By Syed Mohammad Ali
January 22, 2018

Rural development remains a major challenge for governments of developing countries such as Pakistan. While a broad range of state and donor interventions impact the lives of poor farmers -who provide a significant proportion of the labour force - comprehensive consideration of these combined ...

Mobilizing Religion and Gender in India The Role of Activism

Mobilizing Religion and Gender in India: The Role of Activism

1st Edition

By Nandini Deo
January 22, 2018

Religious nationalists and women’s activists have transformed India over the past century. They debated the idea of India under colonial rule, shaped the constitutional structure of Indian democracy, and questioned the legitimacy of the postcolonial consensus, as they politicized one dimension of ...

Suicide in Sri Lanka The Anthropology of an Epidemic

Suicide in Sri Lanka: The Anthropology of an Epidemic

1st Edition

By Tom Widger
January 22, 2018

Why people kill themselves remains an enduring and unanswered question. With a focus on Sri Lanka, a country that for several decades has reported ‘epidemic’ levels of suicidal behaviour, this book develops a unique perspective linking the causes and meanings of suicidal practices to social ...

Activist Documentary Film in Pakistan The Emergence of a Cinema of Accountability

Activist Documentary Film in Pakistan: The Emergence of a Cinema of Accountability

1st Edition

By Rahat Imran
January 12, 2018

This book, the first academic book on Pakistani documentary cinema, traces the development of activist filmmaking practices in Pakistan which have emerged as a response to the consequences of religious fundamentalism, extremism, and violation of human rights. Beginning with the period of General ...

Corporate Social Responsibility and Development in Pakistan

Corporate Social Responsibility and Development in Pakistan

1st Edition

By Nadeem Malik
January 12, 2018

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has not only become an important concept for corporate organizations but also civil society, community, state and the multilateral and bilateral development agencies. It has acquired great significance in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, ...

Indian Foreign Policy in Transition Relations with South Asia

Indian Foreign Policy in Transition: Relations with South Asia

1st Edition

By Arijit Mazumdar
January 12, 2018

India’s relation with other South Asian countries has been impacted by recent developments in the post-Cold War period. These include India’s economic rise, the recent democratic transitions in many South Asian countries and greater US engagement in the region following 9/11. This book is an effort...

Nation-state and Minority Rights in India Comparative Perspectives on Muslim and Sikh Identities

Nation-state and Minority Rights in India: Comparative Perspectives on Muslim and Sikh Identities

1st Edition

By Tanweer Fazal
January 12, 2018

The blood-laden birth-pangs of the Indian "nation-state" undoubtedly had a bearing on the contentious issue of group rights for cultural minorities. Indeed, the trajectory of the concept ‘minority rights’ evolved amidst multiple conceptualizations, political posturing and violent mobilizations and ...

Pakistan's Nuclear Policy A Minimum Credible Deterrence

Pakistan's Nuclear Policy: A Minimum Credible Deterrence

1st Edition

By Zafar Khan
January 12, 2018

In May 1998, in reaction to India’s nuclear weapons tests, Pakistan tested six nuclear weapons. Following this, the country opted for a policy of minimum deterrence, and within a year Pakistan had altered its policy stance by adding the modifier of minimum ‘credible’ deterrence. This book looks at ...

Documentary Film in India An Anthropological History

Documentary Film in India: An Anthropological History

1st Edition

By Giulia Battaglia
November 30, 2017

This book maps a hundred years of documentary film practices in India. It demonstrates that in order to study the development of a film practice, it is necessary to go beyond the classic analysis of films and filmmakers and focus on the discourses created around and about the practice in question. ...

Bangladesh Cinema and National Identity In Search of the Modern?

Bangladesh Cinema and National Identity: In Search of the Modern?

1st Edition

By Zakir Hossain Raju
November 22, 2017

Throughout the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, cinema has been adopted as a popular cultural institution in Bangladesh. At the same time, this has been the period for the articulation of modern nationhood and cultural identity of Bengali Muslims in Bangladesh. This book analyses the ...

Imagining Muslims in South Asia and the Diaspora Secularism, Religion, Representations

Imagining Muslims in South Asia and the Diaspora: Secularism, Religion, Representations

1st Edition

Edited By Claire Chambers, Caroline Herbert
October 26, 2017

Literary, cinematic and media representations of the disputed category of the ‘South Asian Muslim’ have undergone substantial change in the last few decades and particularly since the events of September 11, 2001. Here we find the first book-length critical analysis of these representations of ...

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