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Routledge Critical Studies in Discourse

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Routledge Critical Studies in Discourse publishes high quality original research monographs broadly in the area of critical discourse studies. It seeks theoretically innovative and empirically rigorous research that advances our critical understanding of the interrelations of discourse and social processes, including all aspects of power relations (such as maintenance and perpetuation of dominance; negotiations of power and resistance; as well as solidarity formations for group empowerment). The series supports interdisciplinary research, and welcomes investigations of new topics, domains, issues, frameworks and methods, as well as fresh perspectives on established ones, from a variety of international and cultural contexts. A broad understanding of "discourse" is adopted in the series to include systematic and explicit analyses of spoken/written language and other modes of semiosis (e.g. visual images, sounds, gestures and actions).

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Language and Masculinities Performances, Intersections, Dislocations

Language and Masculinities: Performances, Intersections, Dislocations

1st Edition

Edited By Tommaso M. Milani
April 21, 2016

This volume showcases cutting-edge research in the linguistic and discursive study of masculinities, comprising the first significant edited collection on language and masculinities since Johnson and Meinhof’s 1997 volume. Overall, the chapters are linked together by a critical analytical ...

Analysing Fascist Discourse European Fascism in Talk and Text

Analysing Fascist Discourse: European Fascism in Talk and Text

1st Edition

Edited By Ruth Wodak, John E. Richardson
June 23, 2015

This book focuses primarily on continuities and discontinuities of fascist politics as manifested in discourses of post-war European countries. Many traumatic pasts in Europe are linked to the experience of fascist and national-socialist regimes in the 20th century and to related colonial and ...

Hybrid Voices and Collaborative Change Contextualising Positive Discourse Analysis

Hybrid Voices and Collaborative Change: Contextualising Positive Discourse Analysis

1st Edition

By Tom Bartlett
May 21, 2015

In this study, Bartlett presents a theoretical and descriptive development in the discipline of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) extending the recent trend away from critiques of hegemonic practices and towards the description of alternative and minority practices that has been labelled Positive ...

Metaphor, Nation and the Holocaust The Concept of the Body Politic

Metaphor, Nation and the Holocaust: The Concept of the Body Politic

1st Edition

By Andreas Musolff
November 10, 2014

This book is the first to provide a cognitive analysis of the function of biological/medical metaphors in National Socialist racist ideology and their background in historical traditions of Western political theory. Its main arguments are that the metaphor of the German nation as a body that needed...

Language and the Market Society Critical Reflections on Discourse and Dominance

Language and the Market Society: Critical Reflections on Discourse and Dominance

1st Edition

By Gerlinde Mautner
August 06, 2013

Language plays a central role in creating and sustaining the market society—a society, that is, in which market exchange is no longer simply a process, but an all-encompassing social principle. The social domains affected include education, politics and religion. Around the world, government ...

Framing Discourse on the Environment A Critical Discourse Approach

Framing Discourse on the Environment: A Critical Discourse Approach

1st Edition

By Richard Alexander
January 06, 2011

In this study, Richard Alexander presents a series of original and empirically based case studies of the language and discourse involved in the discussion of environmental and ecological issues. Relying upon a variety of different text types and genres – including company websites, ...

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