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Routledge Critical Studies in Sport

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The Routledge Critical Studies in Sport series aims to lead the way in developing the multi-disciplinary field of Sport Studies by producing books that are interrogative, interventionist and innovative. By providing theoretically sophisticated and empirically grounded texts, the series will make sense of the changes and challenges facing sport globally. The series aspires to maintain the commitment and promise of the critical paradigm by contributing to a more inclusive and less exploitative culture of sport.

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British Asians and Football Culture, Identity, Exclusion

British Asians and Football: Culture, Identity, Exclusion

1st Edition

By Daniel Burdsey
July 10, 2008

In spite of a great passion in the game and significant involvement at amateur level, British Asians are under-represented in professional football. This book asks how and why this situation has developed, using extensive interviews with British Asian football players to offer an insider’s ...

The Cultural Politics of the Paralympic Movement Through an Anthropological Lens

The Cultural Politics of the Paralympic Movement: Through an Anthropological Lens

1st Edition

By P. David Howe
April 28, 2008

Do the Paralympic Games empower the disability sport community? Like many other contemporary sporting institutions, the Paralympic Games have made the transition from pastime to spectacle, and the profile of athletes with disabilities has been increased as a result. This book reviews the current ...

Olympic Media Inside the Biggest Show on Television

Olympic Media: Inside the Biggest Show on Television

1st Edition

By Andrew C Billings
March 31, 2008

Located in the United States, NBC (National Broadcasting Company) is the biggest and most powerful Olympic network in the world, having won the rights to televise both the Summer and the Winter Olympic Games. By way of attracting more viewers of both sexes and all ages and ethnicities than any ...

Culture, Politics and Sport Blowing the Whistle, Revisited

Culture, Politics and Sport: Blowing the Whistle, Revisited

1st Edition

By Garry Whannel
March 19, 2008

'Whannel is a foundational figure in the study of sports and the media. …For 20 years his writing has set a high standard …and it remains an inspiration to many' - Toby Miller, Professor of Cultural Studies, New York University, USA Garry Whannel’s text Blowing the Whistle: The Politics of Sport&...

Sport, Sexualities and Queer/Theory

Sport, Sexualities and Queer/Theory

1st Edition

Edited By Jayne Caudwell
November 30, 2006

The first book focusing exclusively on this subject, Sport, Sexualities and Queer/Theory captures the newest and best writing on an emerging focus of study that brings in perspectives from a number of disciplines including sports studies, gender studies, sociology, cultural studies, lesbian and gay...

Physical Culture, Power, and the Body

Physical Culture, Power, and the Body

1st Edition

Edited By Patricia Vertinsky, Jennifer Hargreaves
November 30, 2006

During the past decade, there has been an outpouring of books on 'the body' in society, but none has focused as specifically on physical culture - that is, cultural practices such as sport and dance within which the moving physical body is central. Questions are raised about the character of the ...

Fastest, Highest, Strongest A Critique of High-Performance Sport

Fastest, Highest, Strongest: A Critique of High-Performance Sport

1st Edition

By Rob Beamish, Ian Ritchie
August 09, 2006

Fastest, Highest, Strongest presents a comprehensive challenge to the dominant orthodoxy concerning the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport. Examining the political and economic transformation of the Olympic Movement during the twentieth century, the authors argue that the realities of ...

Why Sports Morally Matter

Why Sports Morally Matter

1st Edition

By William Morgan
August 18, 2006

When we accept that advertisers and sponsors dictate athletic schedules, that success in sport is measured by revenue, that athletes’ loyalties lie with their commercial agents instead of teams and that game rules exist to be tested and broken in the pursuit of a win, what does our regard for sport...

Understanding Lifestyle Sport Consumption, Identity and Difference

Understanding Lifestyle Sport: Consumption, Identity and Difference

1st Edition

Edited By Belinda Wheaton
October 28, 2004

The past decade has seen a tremendous growth in the popularity of activities like skateboarding and snowboarding; sports that have been labelled as 'extreme' or 'lifestyle' and which embody 'alternative' sporting values such as anti-competitiveness, anti-regulation, high risk and personal freedom. ...

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