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Routledge Explorations in Economic History

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This long established series provides a platform for books which break new ground in the understanding of the development of the modern world economy. Equally rooted in economics and history, the series is not limited to any particular period or region. Individual titles focus on particular countries, key industries, themes, or international economic relations.

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The Economy of Ancient Egypt State, Administration, Institutions

The Economy of Ancient Egypt: State, Administration, Institutions

1st Edition


By Mahmoud Ezzamel
August 30, 2024

The aim of this book is to theorise the state, administration and economy of ancient Egypt taking ancient records as the starting point for the analysis. The Egyptian state is theorised as an administrative field of material and symbolic powers with emphasis upon the latter because it has received ...

Economic History of the European Energy Industry Lighting up Western Europe, 19th to 21st centuries

Economic History of the European Energy Industry: Lighting up Western Europe, 19th to 21st centuries

1st Edition


By Alberte Martínez-López, Jesús Mirás-Araujo, Nuria Rodríguez-Martín
August 23, 2024

Global climate change and the war in Ukraine have put energy back on the agenda for Europe in a way that has not been seen since the oil crisis of the 1970s. But the economics and business of supplying energy to Europe has a long and rich history going back to the 19th century. This book explores ...

The Development of European Competition Policy Social Democracy and Regulation

The Development of European Competition Policy: Social Democracy and Regulation

1st Edition


Edited By Brian Shaev, Sigfrido M. Ramírez Pérez
June 03, 2024

This book considers a central issue of our time: the relationship between the macroeconomic objectives of political parties in democratic countries and the legal framework of market economies. The impressive panel of contributors examines social-democratic policies on cartels, market concentration ...

The Political Economy of Interwar Foreign Investment Economic Nationalism and French Capital in Poland, 1918–1939

The Political Economy of Interwar Foreign Investment: Economic Nationalism and French Capital in Poland, 1918–1939

1st Edition

By Jerzy Łazor
April 30, 2024

France was interwar Poland’s main ally, and the biggest source of the country’s foreign investment. The two roles were closely connected: Paris used its position in Warsaw to win preferential treatment for its firms, while Polish authorities depended on France to finance their modernization ...

The Decline of British Industrial Hegemony Bengal Industries 1914–46

The Decline of British Industrial Hegemony: Bengal Industries 1914–46

1st Edition

By Indrajit Ray
January 29, 2024

Through two World Wars and the Great Depression, this book explores the turbulent history of colonial Indian industry in the period immediately prior to independence. Focusing on five major industries in Bengal - coal mining, iron-smelting, jute manufacturing, paper making and tea plantation – the...

The Economy of Renaissance Italy

The Economy of Renaissance Italy

1st Edition

By Paolo Malanima
January 29, 2024

Drawing on a wide range of literature and adopting a macroeconomic approach, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the Italian economy during the Renaissance, focusing on the period between 1348, the year of the Black Death, and 1630. The Italian Renaissance played a crucial role in the ...

The Economy of Classical Athens Organization, Institutions and Society

The Economy of Classical Athens: Organization, Institutions and Society

1st Edition

By Emmanouil M. L. Economou
October 06, 2023

In parallel to the development of democracy, the Athenians of the Classical period established a series of sophisticated economic institutions for the time through which they developed a maritime and commercially oriented economy. This book provides a thorough analysis of this transformation and ...

Port-Cities and their Hinterlands Migration, Trade and Cultural Exchange from the Early Seventeenth Century to 1939

Port-Cities and their Hinterlands: Migration, Trade and Cultural Exchange from the Early Seventeenth Century to 1939

1st Edition

Edited By Robert Lee, Paul McNamara
September 25, 2023

This interdisciplinary book brings together eleven original contributions by scholars in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, America and Japan which represent innovative and important research on the relationship between cities and their hinterlands. They discuss the factors which determined ...

The Sustainability and Development of Ancient Economies Analysis and Examples

The Sustainability and Development of Ancient Economies: Analysis and Examples

1st Edition

By Clement A. Tisdell, Serge Svizzero
July 07, 2023

Drawing on modern economic theory, this book provides new insights into the economic development of ancient economies and the sustainability of their development. The book pays particular attention to the economics of hunting and gathering societies and their diversity. New ideas are presented ...

The Age of Global Economic Crises (1929-2022)

The Age of Global Economic Crises: (1929-2022)

1st Edition

Edited By Juan Manuel Matés-Barco, María Vázquez-Fariñas
June 02, 2023

The frequency and repetition of economic crises over the last hundred years demands an analysis that allows us to discover the root causes of these situations and the problems they have generated in the world economy. This book investigates these cycles throughout the 20th and the early 21st ...

Institutions and Chinese Economic Development A Comparative Historical Approach

Institutions and Chinese Economic Development: A Comparative Historical Approach

1st Edition

By Li Tan
May 31, 2023

China’s rise as an economic power has posed some challenging questions: how did China achieve GDP growth that was even faster than the Four Asian Tigers? Is the "Chinese model" superior? Why hasn’t the rapid economic growth lead to democracy in the country as many observers expected? And can China ...

Property, Power and the Growth of Towns Enterprise and Urban Development,1100-1500

Property, Power and the Growth of Towns: Enterprise and Urban Development,1100-1500

1st Edition

By Catherine Casson, Mark Casson
May 05, 2023

Local enterprise, institutional quality and strategic location were of central importance in the growth of medieval towns. This book, comprising a study of 112 English towns, emphasises these key factors. Downstream locations on major rivers attracted international trade, and thereby stimulated the...

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