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The aim of this Focus series is to present the reader with a number of short volumes which deal with important managerial issues in the Indian context. Volumes in the series will cover topics which are of perennial interest to managers, like corporate governance and strategic change and transformation as well as emerging areas of research like neuro-marketing. Established areas of research like bottom-of-the-pyramid marketing will be dealt with specifically in the Indian context. CEOs today also need to be familiar with critical developments in other fields, like auction theory. In other words, the Focus series is designed to introduce management theorists and researchers (as well as the lay public) to a diverse set of topics relevant directly or peripherally to management in a short, readable format, without sacrificing basic rigour and set in the Indian context.

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Inequality, Economic Growth and Business Decision-Making

Inequality, Economic Growth and Business Decision-Making

1st Edition


By Asis Kumar Banerjee
August 07, 2024

It is now widely recognised that rising inequality of income and wealth on the one hand and a slowdown in the rate of economic growth on the other are two of the most important challenges faced today by the global economy as well as by most of the developing economies. This book starts by ...

Indian Gold Jewellery Industry Culture and Consumption

Indian Gold Jewellery Industry: Culture and Consumption

1st Edition

By Sylvia Raha
April 16, 2024

India has a long-standing cultural and societal affinity with gold and gold jewellery. Gold metaphorically represents the sacredness, purity and immortality that bind religious beliefs and culture together. Accumulation of gold is associated with material and non-material cultures where the ...

Law of One Price A Chronicle of Dually Listed Indian Stocks

Law of One Price: A Chronicle of Dually Listed Indian Stocks

1st Edition

By Vinodh Madhavan, Partha Ray
March 16, 2023

Law of one price continues to be a central tenet of Financial Economics. This book is devoted towards examining law of one price in the context of dually-listed shares of Indian companies. Put simply, this book delves on the relationship between the prices of domestic shares issued by Indian ...

Sociology and Management Education Engagements and Agendas

Sociology and Management Education: Engagements and Agendas

1st Edition

By Manish Thakur
November 01, 2021

While examining the intersections and engagements between sociology and management education in historical and contemporary terms, this slim volume outlines the agenda of a promising prospective engagement between the two. It specifically foregrounds the Indian experience without being indifferent ...

Digital Cultures

Digital Cultures

1st Edition

By Smeeta Mishra
February 16, 2021

The book explores contemporary selfie-taking practices; digital experiences of love, romance and infidelity; sexting rituals; self-tracking habits; strategies used by the Internet famous; and the power of hashtag campaigns and memes in espousing a cause. Rejecting binary narratives on digital ...

Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Excellence in Supply Chain Management

1st Edition

By Balram Avittathur, Debabrata Ghosh
May 29, 2020

Recent decades have witnessed an explosion in supply chain complexity. Very few firms have succeeded in building excellent supply chains and employing supply chain management (SCM) as a competitive advantage. For the ones which have developed enhanced supply chain design and process capabilities, ...

Understanding Auctions

Understanding Auctions

1st Edition

By Srobonti Chattopadhyay, Rittwik Chatterjee
July 23, 2019

The book elaborates the basic principles of Auction Theory in a non-technical language so as to make them easily accessible to even those not trained in the discipline. Auctions as allocation mechanisms have been in use across the world since antiquity and are still employed in different countries ...

Strategic Change and Transformation Managing Renewal in Organisations

Strategic Change and Transformation: Managing Renewal in Organisations

1st Edition

By Swarup Kumar Dutta
August 16, 2018

Strategic change and transformation are words used very commonly in business parlance but rarely defined. Besides, change and transformations are often used interchangeably. Thus the correct perspective of viewing change and transformations is missing from management literature. How is change ...

Neuromarketing in India Understanding the Indian Consumer

Neuromarketing in India: Understanding the Indian Consumer

1st Edition

By Tanusree Dutta, Manas Kumar Mandal
June 26, 2018

How to understand human behaviour has been a very intriguing question to medicine, computer science, economics, psychology and finance. Each discipline has been trying to study and predict human behaviour through surveys, laboratory-based experiments, questionnaires, interviews, statistics, focus ...

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