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Routledge Focus on Public Governance in Asia

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Focusing on new governance challenges, practices and experiences in and about a globalizing Asia, particularly East Asia and Southeast Asia, this focus series invites upcoming and established researchers all over the world to succinctly and comprehensively discuss important public administration and policy themes such as government administrative reform, public budgeting reform, government crisis management, public private partnership, science and technology policy, technology-enabled public service delivery, public health and aging, talent management, and anticorruption across Asian countries. The book series presents compact and concise content under 50,000 words long which have significant theoretical contributions to the governance theory with an Asian perspective and practical implications for administration and policy reform and innovation.

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Collaborative Governance of Local Governments in China

Collaborative Governance of Local Governments in China

1st Edition

Jing Cui
July 02, 2020

China faces the problem of collaboration deficiency in local governance of metropolitan areas. With the evolution of regional spatial structure in China, this book is timely with its analysis on how China can approach current problems in China's regional governance through a&...

Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in Singapore The Success-Failure Continuum

Exploring Public-Private Partnerships in Singapore: The Success-Failure Continuum

1st Edition

Soojin Kim, Kai Xiang Kwa
December 03, 2019

This book looks at what drives effective management of public-private partnerships (PPPs). It examines widely cited Singaporean cases pertaining to successful PPPs as well as those in failure (and subsequently contracted back in the public-sector provision) in diverse areas of public service, such ...

Political Economic Perspectives of China’s Belt and Road Initiative Reshaping Regional Integration

Political Economic Perspectives of China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Reshaping Regional Integration

1st Edition

Christian Ploberger
August 07, 2019

The book begins with an overview on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, highlighting its complex character as a domestic and international development strategy, and offering an up-to-date evaluation of it. In response to this complexity, the book attempts to highlight the Belt and Road Initiative’s ...

The Two Sides of Korean Administrative Culture Competitiveness or Collectivism?

The Two Sides of Korean Administrative Culture: Competitiveness or Collectivism?

1st Edition

Tobin Im
April 16, 2019

This book explores two contradictory aspects of the Korean culture: competitiveness and collectivism. These two major concepts describe the dynamics of Korean public organizations, which explain the Hangang River Economic Miracle and political democratization. However, not many studies have focused...

Translation and the Sustainable Development Goals Cultural Contexts in China and Japan

Translation and the Sustainable Development Goals: Cultural Contexts in China and Japan

1st Edition

Meng Ji, Chris G. Pope
February 19, 2019

This book offers insight into the use of empirical diffusionist models for analysis of cross-cultural and cross-national communication, translation and adaptation of the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The book looks at three social analytical instruments of particular ...

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