1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Sport, Leisure, and Social Justice

Edited By Stefan Lawrence, Joanne Hill, Rasul Mowatt Copyright 2024
    592 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This is the first book to explore in breadth and in depth the complex intersections between sport, leisure and social justice. 

    The book examines the relations of power that produce social inequalities and considers how sport and leisure spaces can perpetuate those relations, or act as sites of resistance, and makes a powerful call for an activist scholarship in sport and leisure studies. Presenting original theoretical and empirical work by leading international researchers and practitioners in sport and leisure, the book addresses the central social issues that lie at the heart of critical social science - including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, religious persecution, socio-economic deprivation, and the climate crisis – and asks how these issues are expressed or mediated in the context of sport and leisure practices. Covering an incredibly diverse range of topics and cases - including sex testing in sport; sport for refugees; pedagogical practices in physical education; community sport development; events and human rights; and athlete activism – the book also surveys the history of sport and social justice research, as well as outlining theoretical and methodological foundations for this field of enquiry. 

    The Routledge Handbook of Sport, Leisure and Social Justice is an indispensable resource for any advanced student, researcher, policymaker, practitioner, or activist with an interest in the sociology, culture, politics, history, development, governance, media and marketing, business and management of sport and leisure.

    Part I: Historicising and Theorising Social Justice in Sport and Leisure 

    1          Sport, Leisure, and Social Justice at the Neoliberal Moment: Challenges for Integrity and Activist Scholarship     

    Stefan Lawrence, Joanne Hill and Rasul Mowatt 

    2          Contrasting Approaches to Social Justice in Sport   

    Jim Lusted 

    3          Heritage, Public History, and Social Justice in Sport and Leisure

    Matthew L. McDowell 

    4          Sport, Leisure and Social Justice in the Age of Precarity and Prosumption

    Spencer Swain                       

    Part II: Sex, Gender, and Sexualities 

    5          Women, Sport and Activism: An International Perspective

    Celia Valiente 

    6          Sport, Masculinities and Homosexualities: Why Inclusive Masculinity Theory can be Considered Dangerous for Queer Sportspeople    

    Richard Pringle 

    7          The Invisibility of Trans Men in Sport and Sporting Spaces: “Gender Critical Feminists Just Don’t Seem to Notice Us”

    Abby Barras 

    8          Sex-testing and Discrimination in Sport: Upholding an Uneven Playing Field        

    Grace Athanas-Linden 

    9          Doing and Undoing Gender in Physical Education and Youth Sport: The Potential for Practice    

    Hannah Kettley-Linsell and Joanne Hill                       

    Part III: ‘Race’, Forced Migration and Religion 

    10        Social Justice, Sport, Leisure and Racism in the United States

    Adam Love, Steven N. Waller, Ashley Gardner and Chermaine Cole 

    11        Race, Social Justice, Leisure and Sport in Brazil: A Critical Perspective in Defence of Anti-racism

    Lennon Giulio Santos de Farias, Neilton de Sousa Ferreira Júnior, Léo Barbosa Nepomuceno, Eduardo Vinícius Mota e Silva, Luciana Venâncio, Luiz Sanches Neto and Henrique Antunes Cunha Júnior 

    12        Sport and Social Justice for Refugees: Advocating for Leisure Activities as a Basic Human Need

    Mark Doidge 

    13        Mental Health, Drapetomania, and Professional Football: A Memorial to Dalian Atkinson

    Colin King 

    14        Christianity, Sport and Social Justice

    David Torevell 

    15        Race, Social Justice and Children’s Everyday Leisure Geographies

    Utsa Mukherjee                       

    Part IV: Physical Education, Young People, and Families 

    16        Families, Advocacy and Social Justice in Youth Sport

                Ruth Jeanes and Dawn Trussell 

    17        Teaching for Social Justice Through Physical Education     

    Rod Philpot, Wayne Smith, Richard Pringle, Alan Ovens and Göran Gerdin 

    18        Legitimate Embodiment in Formal Education: Imagery in Physical Education Textbooks 

    Ana Rey-Cao and Alba González-Palomares 

    19        Chinese Government’s Modern Governance and the Challenges to Social Justice in School Sports

    Honglu Zhang 

    20        Teaching for Social Justice through Physical Education in the Context of US Legislation and Policies against Critical Race Theory

    Micah Dodson 

    21        School Physical Education and Social Justice: What Are We Doing in Brazil?       

    Isabel Porto Filgueiras, Elisabete dos Santos Freire, Bruno Freitas Meireles, Ewerton Leonardo da Silva Vieira, Bruna Gabriela Marques, Graciele Massoli Rodrigues, Luiz Sanches Neto and Luciana Venâncio 

    Part V: Sport, Development, and Community 

    22        Equality and Social Justice in Sport for Development and Peace     

    Simon C. Darnell and Rob Millington 

    23        Sport for Development: A Troubling Past to a Brighter Future?

    Michael Sup 

    24        Implementing Service-Learning for Social Change in Sport Management Curricula          

               Michael B. Edwards, Kimberly A. Bush and J. Lin Dawson 

    25        Community Sport Development: Where Sport Development and Social Justice Meet

    Janine Partington and Dan Bates 

    26        Sport, Physical Education (PE) and Sport-for-All (SfA) Programmes: Intersectional Perspectives from Cyprus and Greece

    Foteini Papadopulou and Symeon Dagkas 

    27        Socio-economic Status in Sport and Leisure Engagement    

    Adam Gemar 

    28        Addressing Power Dynamics in Disability Sport Studies: Emancipatory Participatory Principles for Social Justice Research          

    Damian Haslett 

    29        Sport and Crime Reduction   

    Peter R. Harris                       

    Part VI: Elite Sport, Activism and Media 

    30        English Football, Safe Standing, and Social Movements: An Eventful Sociology of Fan Activism

    Mark Turner 

    31        Branding Social Justice in Sport

    Antonio S. Williams, Tanya K. Jones, Kelly J. Brummett and Zack P. Pedersen 

    32        National Anthems and Athlete Activism       

    Keith D. Parry, Daryl Adair and Jamie Cleland 

    33        Sport, the Media, and Athlete Activism: “Just Shut Up and Play”   

    Steph Doehler 

    34        Social Media and Online Activism in Women’s Rugby: From #iamenough to #icare

               Ali Bowes and Alex Culvin 

    35        The Five Groups of Environmental Sports Activists: A Complex Medley  

    Toby Miller                       

    Part VII: Future Directions and Research Methods for Social Justice 

    36        Research Methods for Sport, Leisure and Social Justice       

    Ian Jones and Jayne Caudwell

    37        Arts-Based Research and Social Justice in Sport and Leisure

    David Carless and Kitrina Douglas 

    38        Participatory Research in Sport, Leisure, and Forced Migration: Where Is the Social Justice?

    Chris Webster and Robyn Smith 

    39        Indigenous Methodologies for Sport, Leisure and Social Justice Research: A Pacific Studies Perspective     

    Gina Hawkes 

    40        Research Integrity and Ethics in Sport Social Justice Research: Safe Practice

    Christina Philippou 

    41        Intersectional Scholarship on Sport and Leisure: Trends, Tensions, and Promising Directions

    Prisca Bruno Massao and Mari Haugaa Engh


    Stefan Lawrence is Senior Lecturer in sport business management at Leeds Beckett University, UK. Stefan has published widely on sport and leisure and their relationship to social justice and digital cultures respectively. He is a member of the editorial boards for Leisure Sciences, Leisure Studies and Managing Sport and Leisure, and is a Principal Fellow of Advance HE. 

    Joanne Hill is Senior Lecturer in physical education and sport sociology at the University of Bedfordshire, UK, where she is also Co-Deputy Director for the Institute of Sport and Physical Activity Research. She researches the impact of the social construction of the body, gender and ethnicity on physical activity and sport engagement; and critical pedagogies/social justice in physical education and higher education, using participatory and creative methods. 

    Rasul Mowatt is Professor and Researcher who studies social justice and the geographies of race. He is Head of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at North Carolina State’s College of Natural Resources, USA. Before joining NC State, Mowatt served on Indiana University’s faculty for 15 years and previously taught at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is president of The Academy of Leisure Sciences, co-editor of Leisure Sciences, and founding editor of Recreation, Parks and Tourism in Public Health.