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Routledge Human-Animal Studies Series

About the Series

In Memory of Professor Henry Buller, founding series editor.

The last fifteen years or so have seen an extraordinary growth in new and original social science research into human-animal relations. The ‘animal turn’ as some have referred to it is driven by a strong sense that though essential partners in human worlds, animals have long been ignored by a predominantly humanist social science. Although there is a growing literature on human-animal studies, particularly within the humanities but increasingly including geography, sociology, anthropology, the crucial interdisciplinary cross-overs that have so animated animal studies research have not been easily served in the publication strategies of either major journals or book publishers.

The new Routledge Human-Animal Studies Series offers a much-needed forum for original, innovative and cutting edge research and analysis to explore human animal relations across the social sciences and humanities. Titles within the series are empirically and/or theoretically informed and explore a range of dynamic, captivating and highly relevant topics, drawing across the humanities and social sciences in an avowedly interdisciplinary perspective. This series will encourage new theoretical perspectives and highlight ground-breaking research that reflects the dynamism and vibrancy of current animal studies. The series is aimed at upper-level undergraduates, researchers and research students as well as academics and policy-makers across a wide range of social science and humanities disciplines.

To submit a proposal for the series please contact Faye Leerink ([email protected])

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(Un)Stable Relations: Horses, Humans and Social Agency

(Un)Stable Relations: Horses, Humans and Social Agency

1st Edition

By Lynda Birke, Kirrilly Thompson
December 14, 2017

This original and insightful book explores how horses can be considered as social actors within shared interspecies networks. It examines what we know about how horses understand us and how we perceive them, as well as the implications of actively recognising other animals as actors within shared ...

Affect, Space and Animals

Affect, Space and Animals

1st Edition

Edited By Jopi Nyman, Nora Schuurman
June 16, 2017

In recent years, animals have entered the focus of the social and cultural sciences, resulting in the emergence of the new field of human–animal studies. This book investigates the relationships between humans and animals, paying particular attention to the role of affect, space, and animal ...

Critical Animal Geographies Politics, intersections and hierarchies in a multispecies world

Critical Animal Geographies: Politics, intersections and hierarchies in a multispecies world

1st Edition

Edited By Kathryn Gillespie, Rosemary-Claire Collard
February 24, 2017

Critical Animal Geographies provides new geographical perspectives on critical animal studies, exploring the spatial, political, and ethical dimensions of animals’ lived experience and human-animal encounters. It works toward a more radical politics and theory directed at the shifting boundary ...

Urban Animals Crowding in zoocities

Urban Animals: Crowding in zoocities

1st Edition

By Tora Holmberg
February 02, 2017

The city includes opportunities as well as constraints for humans and other animals alike. Urban animals are often subjected to complaints; they transgress geographical, legal, and cultural ordering systems, while roaming the city in what are often perceived as uncontrolled ways. But they are also ...

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