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Recent years have witnessed an ‘interpretive turn’ in marketing and consumer research. Methodologies from the humanities are taking their place alongside those drawn from the traditional social sciences. Qualitative and literary modes of marketing discourse are growing in popularity. Art and aesthetics are increasingly firing the marketing imagination. This series brings together the most innovative work in the burgeoning interpretive marketing research tradition. It ranges across the methodological spectrum from grounded theory to personal introspection, covering all aspects of the postmodern marketing ‘mix’, from advertising to product development, and embracing marketing’s principal sub-disciplines.

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Contemporary Perspectives on Corporate Marketing Contemplating Corporate Branding, Marketing and Communications in the 21st Century

Contemporary Perspectives on Corporate Marketing: Contemplating Corporate Branding, Marketing and Communications in the 21st Century

1st Edition

Edited By John Balmer, Laura Illia, Almudena González del Valle Brena
August 04, 2016

Corporate marketing and corporate communications are topics that have grown in scholarly and practical importance in these last decades. Fields such as branding, marketing communications and public relations have all contributed to this boost. Whilst there is a large amount of literature on each ...

Motherhoods, Markets and Consumption The Making of Mothers in Contemporary Western Cultures

Motherhoods, Markets and Consumption: The Making of Mothers in Contemporary Western Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Stephanie O'Donohoe, Margaret Hogg, Pauline Maclaran, Lydia Martens, Lorna Stevens
August 04, 2016

It takes more than a baby to make a mother, and mothers make more than babies. Bringing together a range of international studies, Motherhoods, Markets and Consumption examines how marketing and consumer culture constructs particular images of what mothers are, what they should care about and how ...

Interpretation in Social Life, Social Science, and Marketing

Interpretation in Social Life, Social Science, and Marketing

1st Edition

By John O'Shaughnessy
July 18, 2016

'Interpretation' is used as an umbrella for bringing together a wide range of concepts and developments in the philosophy of social science that provide the foundation for clear thinking about social phenomena. In his new book, John O’Shaughnessy familiarises the reader with the nature of ...

Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets Cinemajazzamatazz

Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets: Cinemajazzamatazz

1st Edition

By Morris Holbrook
July 18, 2016

Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets focuses on macromarketing-related aspects of film music in general and on the cinemusical role of ambi-diegetic jazz in particular.  The book examines other work on music in motion pictures which has dealt primarily with the traditional distinction between ...

Consumer Culture, Branding and Identity in the New Russia From Five-year Plan to 4x4

Consumer Culture, Branding and Identity in the New Russia: From Five-year Plan to 4x4

1st Edition

By Graham Roberts
April 14, 2016

As shopping has been transformed from a chore into a major source of hedonistic pleasure, a specifically Russian consumer culture has begun to emerge that is unlike any other. This book examines the many different facets of consumption in today’s Russia, including retailing, advertising and social ...

The Practice of the Meal Food, Families and the Market Place

The Practice of the Meal: Food, Families and the Market Place

1st Edition

Edited By Benedetta Cappellini, David Marshall, Elizabeth Parsons
April 05, 2016

Reflecting a growing interest in consumption practices, and particularly relating to food, this cross disciplinary volume brings together diverse perspectives on our (often taken for granted) domestic mealtimes. By unpacking the meal as a set of practices - acquisition, appropriation, ...

Branding Masculinity Tracing the Cultural Foundations of Brand Meaning

Branding Masculinity: Tracing the Cultural Foundations of Brand Meaning

1st Edition

By Elizabeth Hirschman
February 01, 2016

Branding Masculinity examines two ideologies of masculinity – one typifying rural agricultural areas and the other found in urban, business settings. Comparisons are made between these two current forms of masculinity and both similarities and differences are identified. Six product categories ...

Death in a Consumer Culture

Death in a Consumer Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Susan Dobscha
December 14, 2015

Death has never been more visible to consumers. From life insurance to burial plots to estate planning, we are constantly reminded of consumer choices to be made with our mortality in mind. Religious beliefs in the afterlife (or their absence) impact everyday consumption activities. Death in a ...

Generation Y in Consumer and Labour Markets

Generation Y in Consumer and Labour Markets

1st Edition

By Anders Parment
August 14, 2015

Generation Y in Consumer and Labour Markets explores the role of people born in the late 1970s and 1980s as consumers and coworkers in an emerging post-modernist society. Having grown up in a branded society overcrowded with commercial messages and a never-ending supply of choices and opportunities...

Brands Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Brands: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan E. Schroeder
January 08, 2015

Branding has emerged as a cornerstone of marketing practice and corporate strategy, as well as a central cultural practice. In this book, Jonathan Schroeder brings together a curated selection of the most influential and thought-provoking papers on brands and branding from Consumption Markets and ...

Interactive Marketing Revolution or Rhetoric?

Interactive Marketing: Revolution or Rhetoric?

1st Edition

By Christopher Miles
July 04, 2014

This book critically examines the rhetoric surrounding current trends in the adoption of tropes of interactivity in marketing communication. Concepts such as viral advertising, customer-generated content, brand communities and the whole panoply of Web 2.0-mediated marketing technologies all have ...

Marketing and Feminism Current issues and research

Marketing and Feminism: Current issues and research

1st Edition

Edited By Miriam Catterall, Pauline Maclaran, Lorna Stevens
July 20, 2000

This cutting edge, innovative volume offers the best of current scholarship on feminist perspectives in marketing. Through many exciting and often controversial discussions, it highlights and challenges assumptions about women and gender in marketing theory and practice from both historical and ...

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