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The world is crying out loud for quality education, and for the type of leadership and change to make quality education a reality. Never has there been a greater need for grasping the big pictures of leadership and change in education, which creates the world of tomorrow by developing future generations today. This is especially pertinent as we contemplate the disruptions caused by COVID-19 and the education landscape in a post-pandemic world.

In this series, you will find some of the world's leading intellectual authorities on educational leadership and change. From the pens of writers such as Dennis Shirley, Pak Tee Ng, Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan, Amanda Datnow, Vicky Park, Santiago Rincón-Gallardo, Armand Doucet, Yong Zhao, and Bill McDiarmid, come wise insights and breakthrough ideas on this subject. They ask what the new imperatives of educational change are. They explore the paradoxical nature of educational change in celebrated Asian cultures and systems like those of Singapore. They point to the power of professional collaboration and leading from the middle in schools, and networks of schools and across the world, rather than just driving change from the top. They invite us to think about and pursue educational change as social movements aimed at liberating learning. They highlight the surreal nature of leadership and change at this critical moment in world history.

This series of books is for the stout-hearted and open-minded reader who is keenly looking for inspiration to unlock the potential of educational leadership and change in this turbulent world.

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Leadership From the Middle The Beating Heart of Educational Transformation

Leadership From the Middle: The Beating Heart of Educational Transformation

1st Edition

By Andy Hargreaves
August 17, 2023

In the face of a global pandemic, catastrophic weather events, war, racism, and attacks on democracy, how should educational leaders respond? How can leaders enable their schools and districts to be agile, safe, and effective places of learning that help young people develop the knowledge and ...

Learning for Uncertainty Teaching Students How to Thrive in a Rapidly Evolving World

Learning for Uncertainty: Teaching Students How to Thrive in a Rapidly Evolving World

1st Edition

By G. Williamson McDiarmid, Yong Zhao
January 31, 2022

Learning for Uncertainty explores technology’s role in education, specifically unpacking the question: How should educators prepare today’s children for a world that has yet to be made? As technology evolves faster than our capacity to fully understand the social, cultural, economic, and moral ...

Teaching Life Our Calling, Our Choices, Our Challenges

Teaching Life: Our Calling, Our Choices, Our Challenges

1st Edition

By Armand Doucet
May 21, 2019

In this engaging book, Armand Doucet, a globally respected and recognized teacher, provides a clear roadmap for championing classroom-focused change in a technology-advanced society. Teaching Life brings the voices of teachers into the global conversation about educational reform to offer a how-to ...

Liberating Learning Educational Change as Social Movement

Liberating Learning: Educational Change as Social Movement

1st Edition

By Santiago Rincón-Gallardo
March 07, 2019

This book is about three complementary ideas: 1) learning is a practice of freedom; 2) liberating learning in public education requires widespread cultural change in classrooms, schools, and entire education systems; and 3) social movements have been the most powerful vehicles for widespread ...

Professional Collaboration with Purpose Teacher Learning Towards Equitable and Excellent Schools

Professional Collaboration with Purpose: Teacher Learning Towards Equitable and Excellent Schools

1st Edition

By Amanda Datnow, Vicki Park
December 03, 2018

Building on both cutting-edge research and professional learning practice, Amanda Datnow and Vicki Park explore how professional collaboration can support deeper learning for students and teachers alike. While many schools and systems support teacher collaboration, they often fall short of their ...

Surreal Change The Real Life of Transforming Public Education

Surreal Change: The Real Life of Transforming Public Education

1st Edition

By Michael Fullan
March 22, 2018

In Surreal Change: The Real Life of Transforming Public Education, internationally renowned expert Michael Fullan reflects on the leading trends and ideas within the educational change field over a 50-year period. The author traces the evolution of the field through his own personal developments ...

Learning from Singapore The Power of Paradoxes

Learning from Singapore: The Power of Paradoxes

1st Edition

By Pak Tee Ng
January 20, 2017

Learning from Singapore tells the inside story of the country’s journey in transforming its education system from a struggling one to one that is hailed internationally as effective and successful. It is a story not of the glory of international test results, but of the hard work and tenacity of a ...

The New Imperatives of Educational Change Achievement with Integrity

The New Imperatives of Educational Change: Achievement with Integrity

1st Edition

By Dennis Shirley
November 08, 2016

The New Imperatives of Educational Change is a clarion call to move beyond the standardized testing and marketplace competition that have become pervasive in school systems to focus instead on creating the conditions that will encourage all students to become critical and independent thinkers. ...

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