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Routledge Library Editions: Adult Education

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    by Routledge

    Against a background of profound wordwide social and economic change, the concept of lifelong learning has come increasingly into the public eye. As educators and policy-makers rethink the meaning of education, the purpose of schooling and the place of learning in our everyday lives, educational institutions are opening up to those traditionally deprived of the opportunity. The books in this set, originally published between 1979 and 1992, including global case studies, reflect upon major issues confronting adult educators worldwide and

    • discuss the role of adult education in social and community action
    • examine the relationship between class and adult education
    • look at the concept of culture and the transmission of cultural values in relations to adult education
    • evaluate the role of adult education in reducing unemployment


    1. Edited by Barry P. Bright Theory and practice in the study of adult education : the epistemological debate

    2. Ralph G. Brockett and Roger Hiemstra Self-direction in adult learning : perspectives on theory, research, and practice

    3. Edited by Stephen Brookfield Training educators of adults : the theory and practice of graduate adult education

    4. Sean Courtney Why adults learn : towards a theory of participation in adult education

    5. Edited by Christopher Duke Adult education : international perspectives from China

    6. Edited by Chris Duke Combatting poverty through adult education : national development strategies

    7. Edited by Chris Duke Grassroots Approaches to Combatting Poverty Through Adult Education

    8. Edited by Karen Evans and Ian Haffenden Education for young adults : international perspectives

    9. Norman Evans Post-education society : recognising adults as learner

    10. Paul Fordham, Geoff Poulton and Lawrence Randle Learning networks in adult education : non-formal education on a housing estate

    11. Ettore Gelpi Lifelong education and inter-national relations

    12. Edited by Frank Glendenning Educational gerontology : international perspectives

    13. Mechthild U. Hart Working and educating for life : feminist and international perspectives on adult education

    14. Edited by Peter Jarvis and Alan Chadwick Training adult educators in Western Europe

    15. David Jones Adult education and cultural development

    16. Edited by Anthony Kaye and Keith Harry Using the media for adult basic education

    17. Edited by Anthony Kaye and Greville Rumble Distance teaching for higher and adult education

    18. Edited by Walter Leirman and Jindra Kulich Adult education and the challenges of the 1990s

    19. Huey B. Long Early innovators in adult education

    20. Huey B. Long New perspectives on the education of adults in the United States

    21. Tom Lovett, Chris Clarke and Avila Kilmurray Adult education and community action : adult education and popular social movements

    22. Edited by Greville Rumble and Keith Harry The Distance Teaching Universities

    23. Barbara Senior and John Naylor Educational responses to adult unemployment

    24. Harold W. Stubblefield Towards a history of adult education in America : the search for a unifying principle

    25. ichard Taylor, Kathleen Rockhill and Roger Fieldhouse University adult education in Britain and the USA : a reappraisal of the liberal tradition

    26. Edited Jane L. Thompson Adult education for a change

    27. Frank Youngman Adult education and socialist pedagogy


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.