1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Curriculum

    8718 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1971 and 1994, this collection includes books which offer a broad spectrum of views on curriculum, both within individual schools and the wider issues around curriculum development, reform and implementation. Some cover the debate surrounding the establishment of the national curriculum in the UK while others are a more international in scope. Many of these books go beyond theory to discuss practical issues of real curriculum changes at primary or secondary level. The Set includes books on cross-curricular topics such as citizenship and environment, and also guidance, careers, life skills and pastoral care in schools. A fantastic collection of education history with much still relevant today.

    1. The Curriculum Challenge : Access to the National Curriculum for Pupils with Learning Difficulties

    edited by Rob Ashdown, Barry Carpenter, and Keith Bovair

    2. Practical Curriculum Study

    Douglas Barnes

    3. The Impact of the National Curriculum on the Teaching of Five-Year-Olds

    Theo Cox and Susan Sanders

    4. Developing Citizenship in the Curriculum

    edited by Janet Edwards and Ken Fogelman

    5. School-based Curriculum Development in Britain: A Collection of Case Studies

    edited by John Eggleston

    6. Teacher Thinking : A Study of Practical Knowledge

    Freema Elbaz

    7. Curriculum Provision in the Small Primary School

    edited by Maurice Galton and Helen Patrick

    8. Developing Environmental Education in the Curriculum

    edited by Steve Goodall

    9. European Dimensions and the Secondary School Curriculum

    Ivor Goodson and Veronica McGivney

    10. International Perspectives in Curriculum History

    edited by Ivor Goodson

    11. School Transfer and Curriculum Continuity

    Brian T. Gorwood

    12. Guidance and the Changing Curriculum

    W.P. Gothard and E. Goodhew

    13. A Lesson For Us All : The Making of the National Curriculum

    Duncan Graham with David Tytler

    14. The Insistence of the Letter : Literacy Studies and Curriculum Theorizing

    edited by Bill Green

    15. Curriculum Theory in Adult and Lifelong Education

    Colin Griffin

    16. The Curriculum : A Comparative Perspective

    Brian Holmes and Martin McLean

    17. Curriculum Workshop : An Introduction to Whole Curriculum Planning

    Maurice Holt

    18. The Common Curriculum : Its Structure and Style in the Comprehensive School

    Maurice Holt

    19. Learning Environments for the Whole Curriculum

    edited by David Hustler, Ethel Milroy, Mike Cockett

    20. Forging the American Curriculum : Essays in Curriculum History and Theory

    Herbert M. Kliebard

    21. Curriculum Exposed

    John Mathews

    22. Curriculum Evaluation in Schools

    Robert McCormick & Mary James

    23. Eccentric Propositions : Essays on Literature and the Curriculum

    edited by Jane Miller

    24. Developing a Curriculum: A Practical Guide

    Audrey Nicholls and S. Howard Nicholls

    25. The Formation of School Subjects : The Struggle for Creating an American Institution edited by Thomas S. Popkewitz

    26. The Development of the Secondary Curriculum

    edited by Michael H. Price

    27. Curriculum Studies : An Introductory Annotated Bibliography

    compiled by Colin Richards

    28. New Directions in Primary Education

    edited by Colin Richards

    29. The Teaching of Primary Science: Policy and Practice

    edited by Colin Richards and Derek Holford

    30. The School Curriculum

    W. Kenneth Richmond

    31. Inside a Curriculum Project: A Case Study in the Process of Curriculum Change

    M. D. Shipman with D. Bolam, D. R. Jenkins

    32. The Role of Evaluation in Curriculum Development

    edited by Pinchas Tamir

    33. New Directions in Curriculum Studies

    edited and introduced by Philip H. Taylor

    34. An Introduction to Curriculum Studies

    Philip H. Taylor & Colin M. Richards

    35. Social Pressures and Curriculum Innovation: A Study of the Nuffield Foundation Science Teaching Project

    Mary Waring

    36. The Preparation for Life Curriculum

    Brian Wilcox, Jacqueline Dunn, Sue Lavercombe and Lesley Burn


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.