1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Education Management

    5584 Pages
    by Routledge

    Reissuing works originally published between 1975 and 1997, this collection includes books covering all aspect of managing schools, from primary to further education. With an international selection of authors, some volumes present case studies while others address wider areas of concern in the management of educational institutions. Individual volumes concern special schools and specific types such as the grant-maintained system in the UK. Topics cross over from finance to staff development to politics and governance to innovation. This is an excellent varied set for any education management bookshelf.

    1. Creating an Excellent School: Some New Management Techniques Hedley Beare, Brian J. Caldwell, and Ross H. Millikan

    2. Vision and Values in Managing Education: Successful Leadership Principles and Practice edited by Judith Bell and Bernard T. Harrison

    3. Management Skills in Primary Schools Les Bell

    4. Creating and Managing the Democratic School edited by Judith D. Chapman, Isak D. Froumin, and David N. Aspin

    5. Business Planning for Special Schools: A Practical Guide Caroline Coles and Richard Field

    6. Opting for Self-management: The Early Experience of Grant-maintained Schools Brent Davies and Lesley Anderson

    7. Staff Development in the Secondary School: Management Perspectives edited by Chris Day and Roger Moore

    8. Challenges in Educational Management: Principles into Practice edited by W.F. Dennison and Ken Shenton

    9. Educational Finance and Resources W.F. Dennison

    10. The Management of Educational Institutions: Theory, Research and Consultancy edited by H.L. Gray

    11. Markets, Managers and Theory in Education John Halliday

    12. New Directions in Educational Leadership edited by Paul Harling

    13. Management in Further Education: Theory and Practice Harriet Harper

    14. Managing the Primary School Tim Hill

    15. Educational Policy-making: A Study of Interest Groups and Parliament Maurice Kogan

    16. Supporting Schools: Advisory Worker's Role edited by Colleen McLaughlin and Martyn Rouse

    17. Managing Educational Innovations Audrey Nicholls

    18. Partnership in Education Management edited by Cyril Poster and Christopher Day

    19. The Changing Government of Education edited by Stewart Ranson and John Tomlinson

    20. The Politics of Reorganizing Schools Stewart Ranson

    21. Moving to Management: School Governors in the 1990s Angela Thody

    22. Advancing Education: School Leadership in Action edited by William Walker, Robin Farquhar and Meredydd Hughes

    23. The Struggle for Change: The Story of One School M.F. Wideen

    24. Teaching and Managing: Inseparable Activities in Schools Cyril Wilkinson and Ernie Cave


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.