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Routledge Library Editions: Education Mini-Set H History of Education 24 vol set

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    by Routledge

    Mini-set H: History of Education re-issues 24 volumes which span a century of publishing:1900 - 1995. The volumes cover Education in Ancient Rome, Irish education in the 19th century, schools in Victorian Britain, changing patterns in higher education, secondary education in post-war Britain, education and the British colonial experience and the history of educational theory and reform.

    1. The Irish Education Experiment. 2. School and Society in Victorian Britain. 3. Studies in the History of Educational Theory Vol 1. 4. Studies in the History of Educational Theory Vol 2. 5. Education in Ancient Rome. 6. Higher Education in the Ancient World. 7. Education. 8. Education in the Secondary Modern School. 9. Secondary Education for All. 10. Secondary Modern Schools 11. The Children of England. 12.History the Teacher. 13. Reconstructions of Secondary Education. 14. How Different From Us. 15. Higher Education. 16. Education and the Second World War. 17. Education in the Post-War Years. 18. The English Educational System. 19. The Imperial Curriculum. 20. Making Imperial Mentalities. 21. Benefits Bestowed?  22. The Higher Education of the Young. 23. Aubrey on Education. 24. Educational Reform.


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