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Routledge Library Editions: Education Mini-Set L Sociology of Education

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    by Routledge

    Mini-set L: Sociology of Education re-issues 48 volumes originally published between 1928 and 1990. The books in this mini-set discuss: Teaching and social change, research processes in education, class, race, culture and education, marxist perspectives in the sociology of education, the family and education, the sociology of the classroom and school organization.

    1. Race, Class and Education Edited by Len Barton and Stephen Walker 2. Schooling, Ideology and the Curriculum Edited by Len Barton, Roland Meighan and Stephen Walker 3. Social Crisis and Educational Research Edited by Len Barton and Stephen Walker 4. Dilemmas of Schooling Ann and Harold Berlak 5. Education and Society E G Biaggini 6. Education, Class Language and Ideology Noelle Bisseret 7. The Research Process in Educational Settings Edited by Robert G Burgess 8. Social Control and Education Brian Davies 9. Classroom Control Martyn Denscombe 10. Community, Hierarchy and Open Education Gary Easthope 11. The Social Context of the School  John Eggleston 12. Contemporary Research in the Sociology of Education Edited by John Eggleston 13. Class, Culture and Education Harold Entwistle 14. Educability, Schools and Ideology Edited by Michael Flude and John Ahier 15. Education for A New Society Ernest Green and Harold Shearman 16. Emotion and Delinquency L Grimberg 17. Education As A Social Factor M L Jacks 18. Education and the Working Class Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden 19. Streaming: An Education System in Miniature Brian Jackson 20. Rationality, Education and the Social Organization of Knowledge Edited by Chris Jenks 21. Educational Differences Arthur R Jensen 22.Cultures of Schooling Mary Kalantzis, Bill Cope, Greg Noble and Scott Poynting 23. Education: In Search of a Future Edited by Hugh Lauder and Philip Brown 24. Towards Successful Schooling Edited by Hugh Lauder and Cathy Wylie 25. Marxist Perspectives in the Sociology of Education Maurice Levitas 26. Class, Ideologies and Educational Futures D.W.Livingstone 27. The Family, Education and Society Frank Musgrove 28. Classrooms Observed Roy Nash 29. Schooling in Rural Societies Roy Nash 30. Paradigm and Ideology in Educational Research Thomas S Popkewitz 31. Marx and Education in Russia & China  R F Price 32. Education Capitalist and Socialist Beryl Pring 33. Education and Poverty Philip Robinson 34. Marxism and Education Maran Sarup 35. Marxism/Structuralism/Education Maran Sarup 36. Maladjusted Schooling John F Schostak 37. English Education and the Radicals Harold Silver 38. Education and the Social Condition Harold Silver 39. Language, Schools & Classrooms Michael Stubbs 40. School Organisation William Tyler 41. The Sociology of Educational Inequality William Tyler 42. Doing Sociology of Education Edited by Geoffrey Walford 43. Life in Public Schools  Geoffrey Walford 44. Privatization and Privilege in Education Geoffrey Walford 45. The Divided School Peter Woods 46. Pupil Strategies Edited by Peter Woods 47. Teacher Strategies Edited by Peter Woods 48. Sociology and the School Peter Woods.