1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Education in Asia

    4468 Pages
    by Routledge

    This set of reissued books examines education in Asia from a variety of different angles. From the westernisation of early twentieth century Chinese education, to the impact of the Communist revolution, to education and society in Korea, to Asian women’s experiences of education – this set collects some key texts by a range of original thinkers.

    1. China's Education and the Industrialised World: Studies in Cultural Transfer Edited by Ruth Hayhoe and Marianne Bastid  2. China's Schools in Flux: Report by the State Education Leaders Delegation, National Committee on United States-China Relations Edited by Ronald Montaperto and Jay Henderson  3. China's Universities, 1895-1995: A Century of Cultural Conflict Ruth Hayhoe  4. Chinese Education: Problems, Policies, and Prospects Edited, with an introduction, by Irving Epstein  5. Contemporary Chinese Education Edited by Ruth Hayhoe  6. Early Childhood Education in Asia and the Pacific: A Source Book Edited by Stephanie Feeney  7. Education and Social Change in Korea Don Adams and Esther E. Gottlieb  8. Education in Communist China R.F. Price  9. Education in Japan: A Source Book Edward R. Beauchamp and Richard Rubinger  10. Education in the People's Republic of China, Past and Present: An Annotated Bibliography Franklin Parker and Betty June Parker  11. Problems of Chinese Education Victor Purcell  12. Women, Education and Development in Asia: Cross-National Perspectives Edited by Grace C.L. Mak


    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field.