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Routledge Library Editions: Psychology of Education
53 Volume Set

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Published September 27, 2017 by Routledge

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Book Description

Routledge Library Editions: Psychology of Education (53 Volume set) brings together a mix of titles involving psychology and education from early years to later life. Covering areas across both education and psychology, including learning theory and strategies, social, developmental and cognitive aspects, school psychology and counselling in schools. The series of previously out-of-print titles, originally published between 1930 and 1996, includes contributions from a range of authors, many considered leaders in their field.

Table of Contents

  1. Community Psychology and the Schools: A Behaviorally Oriented Multilevel Preventive Approach George J. Allen, J.M. Chinsky, S.W Larcen, J.E. Lochman & H.V. Selinger
  2. Schooling and the Acquisition of Knowledge Richard C. Anderson, Rand J. Spiro, & William E. Montague, (Eds)
  3. Cognitive Strategies for Special Education: Process-based Instruction Adrian F. Ashman & Robert N.F. Conway
  4. Using Cognitive Methods in the Classroom Adrian F. Ashman & Robert N.F. Conway
  5. Disaffection from School?: The Early Years Gill Barrett (Ed.)
  6. A Child's Mind: How Children Learn during the Critical Years from Birth to Age Five Muriel Beadle
  7. The Process of Learning: Some Psychological Aspects of Learning and Discipline in School Constance Bloor
  8. The Social and Emotional Development of the Pre-School Child Katharine M. Banham Bridge
  9. Preschool IQ: Prenatal and Early Developmental Correlates Sarah H. Broman, Paul L. Nichols & Wallace A. Kennedy
  10. Psychology and Education of Slow Learners Roy I. Brown
  11. Uneasy Transitions: Disaffection in Post-Compulsory Education and Training Jenny Corbett (Ed.)
  12. Counselling: Approaches and Issues in Education Helen Cowie & Andrea Pecherek
  13. Peer Counselling in Schools: A Time to Listen Helen Cowie & Sonia Sharp (Eds)
  14. The School Psychologist in Nontraditional Settings: Integrating Clients, Services, and Settings Rik Carl D'Amato & Raymond S. Dean (Eds)
  15. The Delivery of Psychological Services in Schools: Concepts, Processes, and Issues Stephen N. Elliott & Joseph C. Witt (Eds)
  16. Modern Educational Psychology: An Historical Introduction E.G.S. Evans
  17. Teaching: A Psychological Analysis C. M. Fleming
  18. In and Out of School: An Introduction to Applied Psychology in Education Joan Freeman
  19. Susan Isaacs: The First Biography D.E.M. Gardner
  20. Learning and Cognition in Later Life Frank Glendenning & Ian Stuart-Hamilton (Eds)
  21. Intervention with Children Rajinder M. Gupta & Peter Coxhead (Eds)
  22. Interpersonal Relations and Education David H. Hargreaves
  23. Child Psychology in Action: Linking Research and Practice John Harris
  24. Contrary Imaginations: A Psychological Study of the English Schoolboy Liam Hudson
  25. Moral Development: A Psychological Study of Moral Growth from Childhood to Adolescence William Kay
  26. Adolescent Boys in High School: A Psychological Study of Coping and Adaptation James G. Kelly (Ed.)
  27. Understanding Children: An Introduction to Psychology for African Teachers J.S. Lawes & C.T. Eddy
  28. Psychological Theory and Educational Practice: Human Development, Learning and Assessment H.S.N. McFarland
  29. Developing Thinking: Approaches to Children's Cognitive Development Sara Meadows (Ed.)
  30. Helping Children Learn: Contributions to a Cognitive Curriculum Sara Meadows & Asher Cashdan
  31. Principles of Classroom Learning and Perception Richard J. Mueller
  32. Learning Strategies John Nisbet & Janet Shucksmith
  33. Learning and Motivation in the Classroom Scott G. Paris, Gary M. Olson & Harold W. Stevenson (Eds)
  34. A Social Psychology of Schooling: The Expectancy Process Colin Rogers
  35. Cognitive Style and Early Education Olivia N. Saracho (Ed.)
  36. Structural Learning (Vol. 1): Theory and Research Joseph M. Scandura (Ed.)
  37. Structural Learning (Vol. 2): Issues and Approaches Joseph M. Scandura (Ed.)
  38. The Therapeutic Play Group Mortimer Schiffer
  39. The Organisation and Impact of Social Research: Six Original Case Studies in Education and Behavioural Science Marten Shipman (Ed.)
  40. Practical Approaches to Bullying Peter K. Smith & David A. Thompson (Eds)
  41. The Psychology of Educational Technology and Instructional Media Ken Spencer
  42. Psychology of Education: A Pedagogical Approach Edgar Stones
  43. Social Education and Personal Development Delwyn Tattum & Eva Tattum
  44. Psychology for the Classroom Johanna Turner
  45. Cognitive Development and Education Johanna Turner
  46. Secondary School Selection: A British Psychological Society Inquiry P.E. Vernon (Ed.)
  47. Learning Theory and Behaviour Modification Stephen Walker
  48. Psychological Aspects of Learning and Teaching Kevin Wheldall & Richard Riding (Eds)
  49. Positive Teaching: The Behavioural Approach Kevin Wheldall & Frank Merrett
  50. Behaviour Analysis in Educational Psychology Kevin Wheldall, Frank Merrett & T. Glynn (Eds)
  51. Discipline in Schools: Psychological Perspectives on the Elton Report Kevin Wheldall (Ed.)
  52. Education and the Concept of Mental Health John Wilson
  53. The Future of Educational Psychology: The Challenges and Opportunities M. C. Wittrock & Frank Farley (Eds)

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