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Routledge New Security Studies

About the Series

The aim of this book series is to gather state-of-the-art theoretical reflection and empirical research into a core set of volumes that respond vigorously and dynamically to  new challenges to security studies scholarship. This is a continuation of the PRIO New Security Studies series. More information can be found at: https://www.routledge.com/PRIO-New-Security-Studies/book-series/PRIONEWSEC.

12 Series Titles

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The Mobility-Security Nexus and the Making of Order An Interdisciplinary and Historicizing Intervention

The Mobility-Security Nexus and the Making of Order: An Interdisciplinary and Historicizing Intervention

1st Edition


Edited By Heidi Hein-Kircher, Werner Distler
July 21, 2022

The book explores the complex, multi-directional connections of the "mobility/security nexus" in the re-ordering of states, empires, and markets in historical perspective. Contributing to a vivid academic debate, the book offers in-depth studies on how mobility and security interplay in the ...

Securitization Outside the West West African Security Reconceptualised

Securitization Outside the West: West African Security Reconceptualised

1st Edition

By Christian Kaunert, Edwin Ezeokafor
July 01, 2022

This book analyses securitization processes outside of the West, with a focus on Africa. The aim of the volume is to develop an original analytical framework to explain the securitization-neo-patrimonialism dynamics in West Africa, drawing upon insights from securitization theory, sociology and ...

Rethinking Post-Disaster Recovery Socio-Anthropological Perspectives on Repairing Environments

Rethinking Post-Disaster Recovery: Socio-Anthropological Perspectives on Repairing Environments

1st Edition

Edited By Laura Centemeri, Sezin Topçu, J. Peter Burgess
November 19, 2021

This book presents an original interdisciplinary approach to the study of the so-called ‘recovery phase’ in disaster management, centred on the notion of repairing. The volume advances thinking on disaster recovery that goes beyond institutional and managerial challenges, descriptions and analyses....

The Molecularisation of Security Medical Countermeasures, Stockpiling and the Governance of Biological Threats

The Molecularisation of Security: Medical Countermeasures, Stockpiling and the Governance of Biological Threats

1st Edition

By Christopher Long
September 24, 2021

This book investigates the way that the molecular sciences are shaping contemporary security practices in relation to the governance of biological threats. In response to biological threats, such as pandemics and bioterrorism, governments around the world have developed a range of new security ...

Translations of Security A Framework for the Study of Unwanted Futures

Translations of Security: A Framework for the Study of Unwanted Futures

1st Edition

By Trine Villumsen Berling, Ulrik Pram Gad, Karen Lund Petersen, Ole Wæver
August 26, 2021

This book scrutinizes how contemporary practices of security have come to rely on many different translations of security, risk, and danger. Institutions of national security policies are currently undergoing radical conceptual and organisational changes, and this book presents a novel approach ...

Nordic Societal Security Convergence and Divergence

Nordic Societal Security: Convergence and Divergence

1st Edition

Edited By Sebastian Larsson, Mark Rhinard
June 25, 2020

This book compares and contrasts publicly espoused security concepts in the Nordic region, and explores the notion of societal security. Outside observers often assume that Nordic countries take similar approaches to the security and safety of their citizens. This book challenges that assumption ...

Visual Security Studies Sights and Spectacles of Insecurity and War

Visual Security Studies: Sights and Spectacles of Insecurity and War

1st Edition

Edited By Juha Vuori, Rune Saugmann
December 09, 2019

The present volume engages visuality in security from a variety of angles and explores what the subfield of Visual Security Studies might be. To structure this experimentation, and to encourage a more careful and multifaceted approach to visuality and security, the main conceptual move in this ...

Standardization and Risk Governance A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Standardization and Risk Governance: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

1st Edition

Edited By Odd Einar Olsen, Kirsten Voigt Juhl, Preben H. Lindøe, Ole Andreas Engen
November 08, 2019

This multi-disciplinary book conceptualizes, maps, and analyses ongoing standardization processes of risk issues across various sectors, processes, and practices. Standards are not only technical specifications and guidelines to support efficient risk governance, but also contain social, political,...

Crypto-Politics Encryption and Democratic Practices in the Digital Era

Crypto-Politics: Encryption and Democratic Practices in the Digital Era

1st Edition

By Linda Monsees
July 30, 2019

This book examines current debates about the politics of technology and the future of democratic practices in the digital era. The volume centres on the debates on digital encryption in Germany and the USA, during the aftermath of Edward Snowden’s leaks, which revolved around the value of privacy ...

Energy Security Logics in Europe Threat, Risk or Emancipation?

Energy Security Logics in Europe: Threat, Risk or Emancipation?

1st Edition

By Izabela Surwillo
May 14, 2019

This book analyzes energy security dynamics in Europe through the prism of security logics. Drawing on the literature on securitization, security logics and security contexts, it scrutinizes energy security debates and policy developments in Germany, Poland and Ukraine, focusing on the pipeline ...

Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society Refining Privacy Impact Assessment

Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society: Refining Privacy Impact Assessment

1st Edition

By Stefan Strauß
April 29, 2019

This book offers an analysis of privacy impacts resulting from and reinforced by technology and discusses fundamental risks and challenges of protecting privacy in the digital age. Privacy is among the most endangered "species" in our networked society: personal information is processed for various...

Socially Responsible Innovation in Security Critical Reflections

Socially Responsible Innovation in Security: Critical Reflections

1st Edition

Edited By J. Peter Burgess, Genserik Reniers, Koen Ponnet, Wim Hardyns, Wim Smit
April 30, 2018

This book examines the possibility of socially responsible innovation in security, using an interdisciplinary approach. Responsible innovation in security refers to a comprehensive approach that aims to integrate knowledge related to stakeholders operating at both the demand and the supply side of...

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