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Routledge Research Companions in Business and Economics

About the Series

Routledge Research Companions provide state-of-the-art coverage of research in emerging fields across accounting, business, economics, finance, management and marketing. Each ‘Research Companion’ comprises original papers from researchers at the forefront of their field, providing both an overview of recent trends and developments, and pointers towards future research directions.

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Business With a Conscience A Research Companion

Business With a Conscience: A Research Companion

1st Edition

Edited By Joan Marques
December 08, 2021

Practicing business with a conscience leaves no sector untouched. It trickles into how we treat our employees; approach our work in general; address stakeholders; engage in accounting, financial, and production management practices; implement and manage information technology; communicate on a ...

Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation and Development A Research Companion

Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation and Development: A Research Companion

1st Edition

Edited By Vi Dung Ngo, Duc Khuong Nguyen, Ngoc Thang Nguyen
November 30, 2021

Entrepreneurship is now unanimously considered a major engine for socio-economic development, mainly because it creates jobs and innovation. Governments around the world pay special attention to removing entrepreneurial barriers in order to support development via different policies, especially ...

Contemporary Talent Management A Research Companion

Contemporary Talent Management: A Research Companion

1st Edition

Edited By Ibraiz Tarique
September 17, 2021

The field of talent management has grown and advanced exponentially over the past several years as an essential area of research. While interest in the field is growing, and recent research has provided valuable insight into various topics, there remain many opportunities for additional exploration...

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