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Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies

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Cultural and media studies are now well-established as important academic disciplines and are inspiring new research into a wide range of pertinent issues. This series presents outstanding research in these subjects, helping to shape the direction of future inquiry.


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Media Reform Democratizing the Media, Democratizing the State

Media Reform: Democratizing the Media, Democratizing the State

1st Edition

Edited By Monroe E. Price, Beata Rozumilowicz, Stefaan G. Verhulst
July 15, 2016

Using examples of media from a range of countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa including Uruguay, Poland, China, Indonesia, Jordan and Uganda, Media Reform considers the social and cultural implications of a free and independent media....

The Memory of Sound Preserving the Sonic Past

The Memory of Sound: Preserving the Sonic Past

1st Edition

By Seán Street
May 31, 2016

This book explores the connections between sound and memory across all electronic media, with a particular focus on radio. Street explores our capacity to remember through sound and how we can help ourselves preserve a sense of self through the continuity of memory. In so doing, he analyzes how the...

The DIY Movement in Art, Music and Publishing Subjugated Knowledges

The DIY Movement in Art, Music and Publishing: Subjugated Knowledges

1st Edition

By Sarah Lowndes
May 03, 2016

This book considers the history of Do It Yourself art, music and publishing, demonstrating how DIY strategies have transitioned from being marginal, to emergent, to embedded. Through secondary research, observation and 30 original interviews, each chapter analyses one of 15 creative cities (San ...

Intimacy on the Internet Media Representations of Online Connections

Intimacy on the Internet: Media Representations of Online Connections

1st Edition

By Lauren Rosewarne
April 21, 2016

The focus of this book is on the media representations of the use of the Internet in seeking intimate connections—be it a committed relationship, a hook-up, or a community in which to dabble in fringe sexual practices. Popular culture (film, narrative television, the news media, and advertising) ...

The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies

The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies

1st Edition

Edited By Andrew Hickey
April 11, 2016

This volume provides an exploration of the manifold ways pedagogy is enacted in cultural studies practice. Pedagogy in the book comes to stand as far more than simply the "art of teaching"; contributors explore how pedagogy defines and shapes their practice as cultural studies scholars. Chapters ...

Motherhood in the Media Infanticide, Journalism, and the Digital Age

Motherhood in the Media: Infanticide, Journalism, and the Digital Age

1st Edition

By Barbara Barnett
March 07, 2016

This book examines contemporary media stories about women who kill their children. By analyzing media texts, motherhood blogs, and journalistic interviews, the book seeks to understand better maternal violence and the factors that lead women to harm their children. The central thesis of this book ...

Social Memory Technology Theory, Practice, Action

Social Memory Technology: Theory, Practice, Action

1st Edition

By Karen Worcman, Joanne Garde-Hansen
March 07, 2016

Memory is a fundamental aspect of being and becoming, intimately entwined with space, time, place, landscape, emotion, imagination and identity. Memory studies is a burgeoning field of enquiry drawing from a range of social science, arts and humanities disciplines including human geography, ...

Reviving Gramsci Crisis, Communication, and Change

Reviving Gramsci: Crisis, Communication, and Change

1st Edition

By Marco Briziarelli, Susana Martínez Guillem
February 19, 2016

Engaging debates within cultural studies, media and communication studies, and critical theory, this book addresses whether Gramscian thought continues to be relevant for social and cultural analysis, in particular when examining times of crisis and social change. The book is motivated by two ...

Radio’s Digital Dilemma Broadcasting in the Twenty-First Century

Radio’s Digital Dilemma: Broadcasting in the Twenty-First Century

1st Edition

By John Nathan Anderson
January 29, 2016

Radio's Digital Dilemma is the first comprehensive analysis of the United States’ digital radio transition, chronicling the technological and policy development of the HD Radio broadcast standard. A story laced with anxiety, ignorance, and hubris, the evolution of HD Radio pitted the nation’s ...

Violence and the Pornographic Imaginary The Politics of Sex, Gender, and Aggression in Hardcore Pornography

Violence and the Pornographic Imaginary: The Politics of Sex, Gender, and Aggression in Hardcore Pornography

1st Edition

By Natalie Purcell
January 29, 2016

No cultural product reveals our collective fascination with sexual violence more candidly than popular heterosexual pornographies. They showcase scenes of intense sexual aggression and cruelty that are gendered in repetitive, patterned configurations—configurations that are designed to arouse. ...

Public Media Management for the Twenty-First Century Creativity, Innovation, and Interaction

Public Media Management for the Twenty-First Century: Creativity, Innovation, and Interaction

1st Edition

Edited By Michał Głowacki, Lizzie Jackson
January 20, 2016

This book analyzes the challenges facing public service media management in the face of ongoing technological developments and changing audience behaviors. It connects models, strategies, concepts, and managerial theories with emerging approaches to public media practices through an examination of ...

A Cultural Approach to Emotional Disorders Psychological and Aesthetic Interpretations

A Cultural Approach to Emotional Disorders: Psychological and Aesthetic Interpretations

1st Edition

By E. Deidre Pribram
January 15, 2016

In her latest contribution to the growing field of emotion studies, Deidre Pribram makes a compelling argument for why culturalist approaches to the study of emotional "disorders" continue to be eschewed, even as the sociocultural and historical study of mental illness flourishes. The author ties ...

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