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Routledge Research in Employment Relations

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Aspects of the employment relationship are central to numerous courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. Drawing from insights from industrial relations, human resource management and industrial sociology, this series provides an alternative source of research-based materials and texts, reviewing key developments in employment research. Books published in this series are works of high academic merit, drawn from a wide range of academic studies in the social sciences.

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Foucault, Governmentality, and Organization Inside the Factory of the Future

Foucault, Governmentality, and Organization: Inside the Factory of the Future

1st Edition

By Alan McKinlay, Philip Taylor
June 08, 2018

This book traces how abstract managerial ideas about maximizing production flexibility and employee freedom were translated into concrete, day-to-day practices at the Motorola plant in East Kilbride, UK. Using eyewitness accounts, the book describes how employees dealt with the increased freedom ...

Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance Glass Handcuffs and Working Men in the U.S.

Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance: Glass Handcuffs and Working Men in the U.S.

1st Edition

By Sarah Blithe
April 27, 2018

Pressure to achieve work-life "balance" has recently become a significant part of the cultural fabric of working life in United States. A very few privileged employees tout their ability to find balance between their careers and the rest of their lives, but most employees face considerable ...

A New Theory of Industrial Relations People, Markets and Organizations after Neoliberalism

A New Theory of Industrial Relations: People, Markets and Organizations after Neoliberalism

1st Edition

By Conor Cradden
December 05, 2017

Most existing theoretical approaches to industrial relations and human resources management (IR/HRM) build their analyses and policy prescriptions on one of two foundational assumptions. They assume either that conflict between workers and employers is the natural and inevitable state of affairs; ...

Trade Unions and Arab Revolutions The Tunisian Case of UGTT

Trade Unions and Arab Revolutions: The Tunisian Case of UGTT

1st Edition

By Hèla Yousfi
October 24, 2017

This book traces the role of the UGTT (the Tunisian General Labour Union) during Tunisia’s 2011 revolution and the transition period that ensued – Tunisia being the Arab country where trade unionism was the strongest and most influential in shaping the outcomes of the uprising. The UGTT; From its ...

Men, Wage Work and Family

Men, Wage Work and Family

1st Edition

Edited By Paula McDonald, Emma Jeanes
May 31, 2017

In the last two decades there has been a plethora of research on a range of subjects collectively and rhetorically known as ‘work-life balance’. The bulk of this research, which spans disciplines including feminist sociology, industrial relations and management, has focused on the significant ...

Gendering and Diversifying Trade Union Leadership

Gendering and Diversifying Trade Union Leadership

1st Edition

Edited By Sue Ledwith, Lise Lotte Hansen
May 24, 2017

Examining the experiences of leadership among trade unionists in a range of unions and labor movements around the world, this volume addresses perspectives of women and men from a range of identities such as race/ethnicity, sexuality, and age. It analyses existing models of leadership in various ...

Trade Unions and Workplace Training Issues and International Perspectives

Trade Unions and Workplace Training: Issues and International Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Cooney, Mark Stuart
May 24, 2017

Trade Unions and Workplace Training examines the changing role of trade unions in the provision of vocational education, workplace training and skill development. It reflects upon: the role that unions have played in the reform of vocational education and training systems; the nature of union ...

Gender and Leadership in Unions

Gender and Leadership in Unions

1st Edition

By Gill Kirton, Geraldine Healy
May 22, 2017

Reflecting the increased attention to gender and women in the field of employment relations, there is now a growing international literature on women and trade unions. The interest in women as trade unionists arises partly from the fact that women comprise 40 percent of trade union membership in ...

Minimum Wages, Pay Equity, and Comparative Industrial Relations

Minimum Wages, Pay Equity, and Comparative Industrial Relations

1st Edition

By Damian Grimshaw
August 26, 2016

With growing concern about the conditions facing low wage workers and new challenges to traditional forms of labor market protection, this book offers a timely analysis of the purpose and effectiveness of minimum wages in different European countries. Building on original industry case studies, the...

Social Failures of EU Enlargement A Case of Workers Voting with their Feet

Social Failures of EU Enlargement: A Case of Workers Voting with their Feet

1st Edition

By Guglielmo Meardi
July 15, 2016

Is the EU enlargement the success EU institutions proclaim? Based on fifteen years of fieldwork research across Central and Eastern Europe and on migrants in the UK and Germany, this book provides a less glittering answer. The EU has betrayed hopes of social cohesion: social regulations have been ...

Diversity Management in the UK Organizational and Stakeholder Experiences

Diversity Management in the UK: Organizational and Stakeholder Experiences

1st Edition

By Anne-marie Greene, Gill Kirton
December 07, 2015

A comprehensive and critical review of the global scholarly literature on diversity, this book presents findings from original UK-based research involving in-depth organizational case studies, interviews, observation and documentary data from over fifty organizations. Analyzing the findings from ...

Employee Ownership, Participation and Governance A Study of ESOPs in the UK

Employee Ownership, Participation and Governance: A Study of ESOPs in the UK

1st Edition

By Dr Andrew Pendleton
June 08, 2015

This volume is an examination of the origins, characteristics and performance of employee-owned firms. It focuses on firms that have converted to either partial or full employee ownership using recent institutional, fiscal and legal innovations. Based on five years of empirical research, this is a ...

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