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Routledge Research in Legal Philosophy

About the Series

This series features thought-provoking and original scholarship on the philosophy of law. Books explore key topics, themes and questions in the field as well as philosophical issues associated with particular legal subjects.

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Human Dignity and the Law A Personalist Theory

Human Dignity and the Law: A Personalist Theory

1st Edition


By Michał Rupniewski
August 05, 2022

This book reassesses the relationship between human dignity, law and specifically the ‘personalist’ school of agency. The work argues that a specific way of appreciating dignity is contained in how law understands the person, and so can be used to improve upon how we explain and interpret the law. ...

Procedural Justice and Relational Theory Empirical, Philosophical, and Legal Perspectives

Procedural Justice and Relational Theory: Empirical, Philosophical, and Legal Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Denise Meyerson, Catriona Mackenzie, Therese MacDermott
April 29, 2022

This book bridges a scholarly divide between empirical and normative theorizing about procedural justice in the context of relations of power between citizens and the state. Empirical research establishes that people’s understanding of procedural justice is shaped by relational factors. A central...

Constitutional Imaginaries A Theory of European Societal Constitutionalism

Constitutional Imaginaries: A Theory of European Societal Constitutionalism

1st Edition

By Jiří Přibáň
September 30, 2021

This book offers a social theoretical analysis of imaginaries as constituent social forces of positive law and politics. Constitutional imaginaries invite constitutional and political theorists, philosophers and sociologists to rethink the concept of constitution as the normative legal limitation ...

The Origin of Copyright Expression as Knowing in Being and Copyright Onto-Epistemology

The Origin of Copyright: Expression as Knowing in Being and Copyright Onto-Epistemology

1st Edition

By Wenwei Guan
July 01, 2021

Contemporary copyright was born in a heroic era of human history when technologies facilitated idea dissemination through the book trade reaching out mass readership. This book provides insights on the copyright evolution and how proprietary individual expression’s copyright protection forms an ...

A Theory of Legal Punishment Deterrence, Retribution, and the Aims of the State

A Theory of Legal Punishment: Deterrence, Retribution, and the Aims of the State

1st Edition

By Matthew C. Altman
May 06, 2021

This book argues for a mixed theory of legal punishment that treats both crime reduction and retribution as important aims of the state. A central question in the philosophy of law is why the state’s punishment of its own citizens is justified. Traditionally, two theories of punishment have ...

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