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Routledge Research in Media Literacy and Education

About the Series

Media literacy is now established by Unesco as a human right, and the field of media literacy education is both growing and diverse. The series speaks to two recurring concerns in this field: What difference does media make to literacy and how should education respond to this? Research and practice has aimed to protect against negative media messages and deconstruct ideology through critical thinking, developing media literacy through creative production and a social participatory approach which focuses on developing active citizens to play a constructive role in media democracy.

This series is dedicated to a more extensive exploration of the known territories of media literacy and education, while also seeking out ‘other’ cartographies. As such, it encompasses a diverse, international range of contexts that share a conceptual framework at the intersection of Cultural Studies / Critical Theories, (New) Social Literacies and Critical Pedagogy. The series is especially interested in how media literacy and education relates to feminism, critical race theory, social class, post-colonial and intersectional approaches and how these perspectives, political objectives and international contexts can ‘decenter’ the field of media literacy education.


Please send initial expressions of interest in proposing a title for this series to [email protected] and [email protected]

Following this, authors / editors with proposals meeting the aims and scope for the series will be invited to submit full proposals to Routledge.

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Ecomedia Literacy Integrating Ecology into Media Education

Ecomedia Literacy: Integrating Ecology into Media Education

1st Edition

By Antonio Lopez
November 30, 2020

This book offers a focused and practical guide to integrating the relationship between media and the environment—ecomedia—into media education. It enables media teachers to "green" their pedagogy by providing essential tools and approaches that can be applied in the classroom. Media are essential ...

The Uses of Media Literacy

The Uses of Media Literacy

1st Edition

By Pete Bennett, Julian McDougall, John Potter
March 25, 2020

Revisiting Richard Hoggart’s classic work The Uses of Literacy (1957), this book applies Hoggart’s framework to media literacy today, examining media literacy’s various uses, the tensions between them and what this means for people, communities and the contemporary configurations of social class. ...

Media Education in Latin America

Media Education in Latin America

1st Edition

Edited By Julio-César Mateus, Pablo Andrada, Maria Teresa Quiroz
July 26, 2019

This book offers a systematic study of media education in Latin America. As spending on technological infrastructure in the region increases exponentially for educational purposes, and with national curriculums beginning to implement media related skills, this book makes a timely contribution to ...

New Journalisms Rethinking Practice, Theory and Pedagogy

New Journalisms: Rethinking Practice, Theory and Pedagogy

1st Edition

Edited By Karen Fowler-Watt, Stephen Jukes
July 15, 2019

In this current period of uncertainty and introspection in the media, New Journalisms not only focuses on new challenges facing journalism, but also seeks to capture a wide range of new practices that are being employed across a diversity of media. This edited collection explores how these new ...

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