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Routledge Series in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Theatre and Performance

About the Series

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) book series is an interdisciplinary forum for exploring diverse identities, concepts, practices, and people in theatre and performance. Through the series, the Theatre and Performance division at Routledge aims to expand its current offerings, in response to an overwhelming call to action by participants in the field. The new series reflects both a structure and an ethos, cutting across existing Routledge categories of theatrical production, theatre studies, and research monographs as a means to increase visibility and address the historical exclusion of marginalized voices.

Recognizing diverse perspectives as integral to an inclusive and forward thinking discipline, the comprehensive series encourages a broad definition of theatre and performance that disrupts traditional disciplinary frameworks. The EDI series welcomes single, multi-authored, and edited texts that question definitions of diversity and categories of representation, illustrate changing narratives of history, explore interconnectivity and divergence, and support emergent performance forms. We seek books that address past practice but also interrogate current inequities, highlighting the ways in which the field of performance intersects with, for example, contemporary issues reflected in #TimesUp, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #CripTheVote.

The EDI series’ commitment to diversity includes—but also extends beyond—that which we know to be lacking in the field of theatre and performance. We welcome proposals that expand our perspectives and that of the field and look forward to reading your submissions.

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Their Majesty Drag Performance and Queer Communities in London

Their Majesty: Drag Performance and Queer Communities in London

1st Edition


By Joe Parslow
August 27, 2024

This book explores drag performance in London since 2009 via the pubs, bars and clubs that make LGBTQ+ communities thrive. It studies the complex relationship between drag performance, LGBTQ+ venues and queer communities. In exploring drag performance, the book develops a greater understanding of ...

How Does Disability Performance Travel? Access, Art, and Internationalization

How Does Disability Performance Travel?: Access, Art, and Internationalization

1st Edition

Edited By Christiane Czymoch, Kate Maguire-Rosier, Yvonne Schmidt
December 12, 2023

This edited collection investigates the myriad ways in which disability performance travels in a globalized world. Disability arts festivals are growing in different parts of the world; theatre and dance companies with disabled artists are increasingly touring and collaborating with international ...

Toward a Just Pedagogy of Performance Historiography, Narrative, and Equity in Dramatic Practice

Toward a Just Pedagogy of Performance: Historiography, Narrative, and Equity in Dramatic Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Charles O'Malley
December 11, 2023

This book is a compendium of resources largely by and for artists and scholars interested in engaging in conversations of justice, diversity, and historiography in the fields of theatre and performance studies. For these students, and for the future instructors in our field who will use this ...

Dancing in the World Revealing Cultural Confluences

Dancing in the World: Revealing Cultural Confluences

1st Edition

By Sinclair Ogaga Emoghene, Kathleen A. Spanos
August 16, 2023

How can we create more inclusive spaces in the field of dance? This book presents a framework for dance practitioners and researchers working in diverse dance cultures to navigate academia and the professional dance field. The framework is based on the idea of "cultural confluences," conjuring up ...

The Loss of Small White Clouds Dementia in Contemporary Performance

The Loss of Small White Clouds: Dementia in Contemporary Performance

1st Edition

By Morgan Batch
August 09, 2023

This volume seeks to instigate a discussion about dementia in theatre. The discussions in this book borrow from the literature on dementia’s representation in other artforms, while reflecting on theatre’s unique capacity to incorporate multiple artforms in a live context (hypermediacy). The author...

Performing Human Rights Artistic Interventions into European Asylum

Performing Human Rights: Artistic Interventions into European Asylum

1st Edition

By Anika Marschall
August 04, 2023

This book enhances critical perspectives on human rights through the lens of performance studies and argues that contemporary artistic interventions can contribute to our understanding of human rights as a critical and embodied doing. This study is situated in the contemporary discourse of asylum ...

Out of Time? Temporality In Disability Performance

Out of Time?: Temporality In Disability Performance

1st Edition

Edited By Elena Backhausen, Benjamin Wihstutz, Noa Winter
July 10, 2023

Out of Time? has many different meanings, amongst them outmoded, out of step, under time pressure, no time left, or simply delayed. In the disability context, it may also refer to resistant attitudes of living in “crip time” that contradict time as a linear process with a more or less predictable ...

Fire Under My Feet History, Race, and Agency in African Diaspora Dance

Fire Under My Feet: History, Race, and Agency in African Diaspora Dance

1st Edition

Edited By Ofosuwa M. Abiola
May 31, 2023

Fire Under My Feet seeks to expose the diverse, significant, and often under-researched historical and developmental phenomena revealed by studies in the dance systems of the African Diaspora. In the book, written documentation and diverse methodologies are buttressed by the experiences of those ...

Dancing Motherhood

Dancing Motherhood

1st Edition

By Ali Duffy
May 10, 2023

Dancing Motherhood explores how unique factors about the dance profession impact pregnant women and mothers working in it. Ali Duffy introduces the book by laying a foundation of social and cultural histories and systemic structures and power that shape the issues mothers in dance negotiate today. ...

Plays of Our Own An Anthology of Scripts by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Writers

Plays of Our Own: An Anthology of Scripts by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Writers

1st Edition

By Willy Conley
December 30, 2022

Plays of Our Own is the first anthology of its kind containing an eclectic range of plays by Deaf and hard-of-hearing writers. These writers have made major, positive contributions to world drama or Deaf theatre arts. Their topics range from those completely unrelated to deafness to those with ...

Stages of Reckoning Antiracist and Decolonial Actor Training

Stages of Reckoning: Antiracist and Decolonial Actor Training

1st Edition

Edited By Amy Mihyang Ginther
December 30, 2022

Stages of Reckoning is a crucial conversation about how racialized bodies and power intersect within actor training spaces. This book provokes embodied and intellectual discomfort for the reader to take risks with their ideologies, identities, and practices and to make new pedagogical choices for ...

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