1st Edition

Toward a Just Pedagogy of Performance Historiography, Narrative, and Equity in Dramatic Practice

Edited By Charles O'Malley Copyright 2024
    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book is a compendium of resources largely by and for artists and scholars interested in engaging in conversations of justice, diversity, and historiography in the fields of theatre and performance studies.

    For these students, and for the future instructors in our field who will use this book, we hold a tripartite hope: to expand, to enable, and to provide access. In its whole, we intend for this book to provoke its readers to question the narratives of history that they’ve received (and that they may promulgate) in their artistic and scholarly work. We aim to question methods and ethics of reading present in the western mode of studying drama and performance history. The contributions in the book—not traditional chapters, but manifestos, experiences, articles, conversations, and provocations—raise questions and illuminate gaps, and they do not speak in a unified voice or from a static position. These pieces are written by artists, graduate students, teachers, administrators, and undergraduates; these are expressions of hope and of experience, and not of dogma.

    This book is aimed toward instructors of undergraduates, both graduate students and faculty at all levels of seniority within theatre and performance studies, as well as at artists and practitioners of the art that wish to find more just ways of viewing history.

    Preface by Charles O’Malley

    Interlude: What / How
    by Willow James

    Part One: Our Art

    The Alternative Canon: A Collaborative Discussion Panel One: A Look at the Past
    A Conversation with Sharai Bohannon, David Clauson, Monty Cole, Lavina Jadhwani, Coya Paz, Denise Yvette Serna, and Dan Smith

    On the Move: A Methodology for Teaching Theater Histories of Latinxs in the Americas
    by Nahuel Telleria

    Roundtable on Teaching and Studying Asian Theatre in the American Academy
    A Conversation with Arnab Banerji, Jyana S. Browne, Po-Hsien Chu, Tarryn Chun, Jennifer Goodlander, Claire Pamment, Shayoni Mitra, Yining Shang, and Satoko Shimazaki. Facilitated by Amanda Culp

    Interlude: An Intimate Night with Theatrical Black Excellence.
    by Cleopatra Mavhunga

    Part Two: Our Field

    The Alternative Canon: A Collaborative Discussion Panel Two: Practices for the Present
    A Conversation with David Clauson, Monty Cole, Kee-Yoon Nahm, Coya Paz, Denise Yvette Serna, and Dan Smith

    When We Meet: Intercultural Theatre Before and After the Coronavirus Pandemic
    by Nikhil Mehta

    Choosing the “Best” Translation for Plays Outside the Western Canon on the Syllabus
    by Kee-Yoon Nahm

    The Geography of Our Discernment: What it Means to Show Up as Our Full Selves
    by Nithya Nagarajan and Zainab Syed

    From Dissertation Page to Stage: Applying Graduate Studies to the Regional Theater Production Process
    by Taylor Barfield

    Responsible Gatekeeping: Or, Questions I'm Asking Myself
    by Kari Olmon

    Interlude: The Lesser of Two Evils(?): How Not To Create Spaces for Brown Trans Artistry
    by Catherine Alam-Nist

    Part Three: Our Teaching

    The Alternative Canon: A Collaborative Discussion Panel Three: Toward Utopia
    by A Conversation with Sharai Bohannon, David Clauson, Kee-Yoon Nahm, and Dan Smith

    How Liberal Arts Theatre Programs Are Failing Their Students of Color
    by Miranda Haymon

    Interlude: Double Communication: Artist as Critic and Critic as Artist
    by Lil Wenker

    Close Reading: How Do Texts Perform?
    by Ariel Sibert and Charles O’Malley

    On the Ethics of Reading: A Suggestion and a Plea
    by Charles O’Malley

    Better Worlds through Pedagogy: A Vision for the Theater Classroom
    by Jake Allen, Kyara Mahlan, and Kelli Shermeyer with contributions by Allison Bialas and Elyssa Armenta

    Adaptation as Historiography: An Approach for Undergraduate Teaching
    by Elise Morrison


    Charles O'Malley is a writer and dramaturg.