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Routledge South Asian History and Culture Series

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This books series offers a forum that will provide an integrated perspective on the field at large. It brings together research on South Asia in the humanities and social sciences, and provides scholars with a platform covering, but not restricted to, their particular fields of interest and specialization. Such an approach is critical to any expanding field of study, for the development of more informed and broader perspectives, and of more overarching theoretical conceptions.

The idea is to try to achieve a truly multidisciplinary forum for the study of South Asia under the aegis of which the established disciplines (e.g. history, politics, gender studies) and more recent fields (e.g. sport studies, sexuality studies) will enmesh with each other. A focus is also to make available to a broader readership new research on film, media, photography, medicine and the environment, which have to date remained more specialized fields of South Asian studies.

A significant concern for series is to focus across the whole of the region known as South Asia, and not simply on India, as most ‘South Asia' forums inevitably tend to do. The series is most conscious of this gap in South Asian studies and works to bring into focus more scholarship on and from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other parts of South Asia.

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The Dancing Body Labour, Livelihood and Leisure

The Dancing Body: Labour, Livelihood and Leisure

1st Edition


Edited By Urmimala Sarkar Munsi, Aishika Chakraborty
August 30, 2024

This book, with its focus on the dancing body, is the first of its kind within the larger context of dance in India.   The Dancing Body is a body that exists, survives, inhabits and performs in multiple space and time, by moving, laboring, migrating and straddling across geographic, cultural and ...

Communities and Courts Religion and Law in Modern India

Communities and Courts: Religion and Law in Modern India

1st Edition

Edited By Manisha Sethi
January 29, 2024

The entanglement of law and religion is reiterated on a daily basis in India. Communities and groups turn to the courts to seek positive recognition of their religious identities or sentiments, as well as a validation of their practices. Equally, courts have become the most potent site of the play ...

Narrating Africa in South Asia

Narrating Africa in South Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Mahmood Kooria
May 29, 2023

The coastal belts and hinterlands of East Africa and South Asia have historically shared a number of cultural traits, commodities and cosmologies circulated on the wings of the monsoon winds. The forced and voluntary migrations of Asians and Africans across the Indian Ocean littoral over several ...

Mind, Soul and Consciousness Religion, Science and the Psy-Disciplines in Modern South Asia (With a Foreword by J.N. Mohanty)

Mind, Soul and Consciousness: Religion, Science and the Psy-Disciplines in Modern South Asia (With a Foreword by J.N. Mohanty)

1st Edition

Edited By Soumen Mukherjee, Christopher Harding
March 18, 2019

This comprehensive volume explores histories and modern reworkings of the ideas of mind, soul and consciousness in South Asia. It focuses on the burgeoning ‘psy-disciplines’ – psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy – and their links with religion, science, philosophy, and modern notions of the ...

Children and Knowledge Contemporary and Historical Perspectives from India

Children and Knowledge: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives from India

1st Edition

Edited By Zazie Bowen, Jessica Hinchy
December 02, 2019

Children and Knowledge sheds light on what it is to be a child in India in the contemporary moment and in history. While acknowledging the ways Indian children are situated within structures of power, this volume foregrounds innovative methodologies for conducting research into childhood and ...

Popular Cinema in Bengal Genre, Stars, Public Cultures

Popular Cinema in Bengal: Genre, Stars, Public Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Madhuja Mukherjee, Kaustav Bakshi
January 07, 2019

Popular Cinema in Bengal marks a decisive turn in studies of Bengali language cinema by shifting the focus from auteur and text-based studies to exhaustive readings of the film industry. The book covers a wide range of themes and issues, including: generic tropes (like comedy and action)...

South Asian Folklore in Transition Crafting New Horizons

South Asian Folklore in Transition: Crafting New Horizons

1st Edition

Edited By Frank J. Korom, Leah K. Lowthorp
November 05, 2018

The Indian Subcontinent has been at the centre of folklore inquiry since the 19th century, yet, while much attention was paid to India by early scholars, folkloristic interest in the region waned over time until it virtually disappeared from the research agendas of scholars working in the ...

Scholar Intellectuals in Early Modern India Discipline, Sect, Lineage and Community

Scholar Intellectuals in Early Modern India: Discipline, Sect, Lineage and Community

1st Edition

Edited By Rosalind O'Hanlon, Christopher Minkowski, Anand Venkatkrishnan
April 13, 2017

In recent years, scholars from a wide range of disciplines have examined the revival in intellectual and literary cultures that took place during India’s ‘early modern’ centuries. This was both a revival as well as a period of intense disputation and critical engagement. It took in the relationship...

Television at Large in South Asia

Television at Large in South Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Aswin Punathambekar, Shanti Kumar
June 16, 2014

This book explores the empirical and theoretical significance of understanding television as a dynamic technology, a creative industry, and a vibrant cultural form that is "at large" in South Asia. Bringing together prominent scholars who have shaped television studies in South Asia, as well as ...

Gender and Masculinities Histories, Texts and Practices in India and Sri Lanka

Gender and Masculinities: Histories, Texts and Practices in India and Sri Lanka

1st Edition

Edited By Assa Doron, Alex Broom
July 22, 2015

Gender persists as a key site of social inequality globally, and within contemporary south Asian contexts, the cultural practices which make up ‘masculinities’ remain vital for understanding everyday life and social relations. Yet masculinities, and their discontents, are an understudied and often ...

Minority Nationalisms in South Asia

Minority Nationalisms in South Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Tanweer Fazal
November 10, 2014

South Asia is the theatre of myriad experimentations with nationalisms of various kinds - religious, linguistic, religio-linguistic, composite, plural and exclusivist. In all the region’s major states, officially promulgated nationalism at various times has been fiercely contested by minority ...

Religious Cultures in Early Modern India New Perspectives

Religious Cultures in Early Modern India: New Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Rosalind O'Hanlon, David Washbrook
June 19, 2014

Religious authority and political power have existed in complex relationships throughout India’s history. The centuries of the ‘early modern’ in South Asia saw particularly dynamic developments in this relationship. Regional as well as imperial states of the period expanded their religious ...

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