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Feminist African Philosophy Women and the Politics of Difference

Feminist African Philosophy: Women and the Politics of Difference

1st Edition


By Abosede Priscilla Ipadeola
August 26, 2022

The book argues that women's perspectives and gender issues must be mainstreamed across African philosophy in order for the discipline to truly represent the thoughts of Africans across the continent. African philosophy as an academic discipline emerged as a direct challenge to Western and ...

Kimmerle’s Intercultural Philosophy and Beyond The Ongoing Quest for Epistemic Justice

Kimmerle’s Intercultural Philosophy and Beyond: The Ongoing Quest for Epistemic Justice

1st Edition


By Renate Schepen
August 11, 2022

This book offers a concise overview of the development of intercultural philosophy since the early 1990s, focusing on one of its key pioneers Heinz Kimmerle (1930– 2016).Building on influences from Gadamer, Heidegger and Derrida, Kimmerle’s approach to intercultural philosophy is radical and ...

Environmental Justice in African Philosophy

Environmental Justice in African Philosophy

1st Edition

By Munamato Chemhuru
April 08, 2022

This book focuses on environmental justice in African philosophy, highlighting important new perspectives which will be of significance to researchers with an interest in environmental ethics both within Africa and beyond. Drawing on African social and ethical conceptions of existence, the book ...

Futurism and the African Imagination Literature and Other Arts

Futurism and the African Imagination: Literature and Other Arts

1st Edition

Edited By Dike Okoro
December 31, 2021

This book investigates how African authors and artists have explored themes of the future and technology within their works. Afrofuturism was coined in the 1990s as a means of exploring the intersection of African diaspora culture with technology, science and science fiction. However, this book ...

Critical Conversations in African Philosophy Asixoxe - Let's Talk

Critical Conversations in African Philosophy: Asixoxe - Let's Talk

1st Edition

Edited By Alena Rettová, Benedetta Lanfranchi, Miriam Pahl
November 30, 2021

In this edited collection contributors examine key themes, sources and methods in contemporary African Philosophy, building on a wide-ranging understanding of what constitutes African philosophy, and drawing from a variety of both oral and written texts of different genres. Part one of the volume ...

Consolationism and Comparative African Philosophy Beyond Universalism and Particularism

Consolationism and Comparative African Philosophy: Beyond Universalism and Particularism

1st Edition

By Ada Agada
November 19, 2021

In a major challenge to African philosophy, this book demonstrates the importance of the universalisation question for every committed African philosopher. Rooted in Africa’s colonial legacy, the universalisation question challenges the African thinker to show how authentically African ...

Africanizing African Legal Ethics

Africanizing African Legal Ethics

1st Edition

By John Murungi
December 05, 2019

This book is a philosophical inquiry into indigenous African legal ethics, asking what is African about African legal ethics? Taking us beyond a geographical understanding of Africa, the author argues for an African legal ethics that is distinct from non-African African legal ethics which are ...

African Philosophy and the Otherness of Albinism White Skin, Black Race

African Philosophy and the Otherness of Albinism: White Skin, Black Race

1st Edition

By Elvis Imafidon
November 07, 2018

Albinism is one of the foremost disability and public health issues in Africa today. It often makes headlines in local, national and international medias and forms the basis for intense advocacy at all levels. This is primarily due to the harmful representations of persons with albinism deeply ...

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