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Routledge Studies in Asia's Transformations

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Routledge Studies in Asia’s Transformations is a forum for innovative new research intended for a high-level specialist readership, and the titles will be available in hardback only.

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Reconciling Indonesia Grassroots agency for peace

Reconciling Indonesia: Grassroots agency for peace

1st Edition

Edited By Birgit Bräuchler
October 11, 2011

Indonesia has been torn by massive internal conflicts over the last decade. The absence of functioning national tools of reconciliation and the often limited success of an internationally established ‘reconciliation toolkit’ of truth commissions and law enforcement, justice and human rights, ...

Post-Conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism Tourism, Politics and Development at Angkor

Post-Conflict Heritage, Postcolonial Tourism: Tourism, Politics and Development at Angkor

1st Edition

By Tim Winter
June 22, 2011

Angkor, Cambodia’s only World Heritage Site, is enduring one of the most crucial, turbulent periods in its twelve hundred year history. Given Cambodia’s need to restore its shattered social and physical infrastructures after decades of violent conflict, and with tourism to Angkor increasing by a ...

Pirate Modernity Delhi's Media Urbanism

Pirate Modernity: Delhi's Media Urbanism

1st Edition

By Ravi Sundaram
March 11, 2011

Using Delhi’s contemporary history as a site for reflection, Pirate Modernity moves from a detailed discussion of the technocratic design of the city by US planners in the 1950s, to the massive expansions after 1977, culminating in the urban crisis of the 1990s. As a practice, pirate modernity is ...

Singapore in the Malay World Building and Breaching Regional Bridges

Singapore in the Malay World: Building and Breaching Regional Bridges

1st Edition

By Lily Zubaidah Rahim
January 14, 2011

Relations between Singapore and her immediate Malay neighbours have been perennially fraught with tension and misunderstanding. In making sense of this complex relationship, Lily Rahim explores the salience of historical animosities and competitive economic pressures, and Singapore’s janus-faced ...

Vientiane Transformations of a Lao landscape

Vientiane: Transformations of a Lao landscape

1st Edition

By Marc Askew, Colin Long, William Logan
September 10, 2010

Providing insights into this neglected Southeast Asian city, this interesting book interprets Vientiane’s landscape - physical as well as imagined - as a reflection of key aspects of Lao geo-political history, the nature of Lao urbanism, and its critical relation to constructions of Lao ...

Globalization, Culture and Society in Laos

Globalization, Culture and Society in Laos

1st Edition

By Boike Rehbein
July 20, 2010

Incorporating original fieldwork carried out over a period of more than ten years, combined with innovative theoretical argument, Globalization, Culture and Society in Laos presents one of the first sociological investigations into modern Laos. Boike Rehbein gives a fascinating overview of ...

Maid In China Media, Morality, and the Cultural Politics of Boundaries

Maid In China: Media, Morality, and the Cultural Politics of Boundaries

1st Edition

By Wanning Sun
June 01, 2010

Maid in China is the first systematic, book-length investigation of internal rural migration in post-Mao China focused on the day-to-day production and consumption of popular media. Taking the rural maid in the urban home as its point of departure, the book weaves together three years of engaged ...

Democracy in Occupied Japan The U.S. Occupation and Japanese Politics and Society

Democracy in Occupied Japan: The U.S. Occupation and Japanese Politics and Society

1st Edition

Edited By Mark E. Caprio, Yoneyuki Sugita
October 13, 2009

With expert contributions from both the US and Japan, this book examines the legacies of the US Occupation on Japanese politics and society, and discusses the long-term impact of the Occupation on contemporary Japan. Focusing on two central themes – democracy and the interplay of US-initiated ...

Transcultural Japan At the Borderlands of Race, Gender and Identity

Transcultural Japan: At the Borderlands of Race, Gender and Identity

1st Edition

Edited By David Blake Willis, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
June 29, 2009

Historically Japan has alternated between periods of celebration of a diverse, multicultural society and severe spells of xenophobia and persecution of the Other. This collection of multidisciplinary essays re-introduces the idea of Japan as a multicultural society and reflects a rapidly changing ...

Chinese Media, Global Contexts

Chinese Media, Global Contexts

1st Edition

By Lee Chin-Chuan
May 19, 2009

Virtually every major media, information and telecommunications enterprise in the world is significantly tied to China. This volume provides the most expert, up-to-date and multidisciplinary analyses on how the contemporary media function in what has rapidly become the world's biggest market. As ...

Fertility, Family Planning and Population Policy in China

Fertility, Family Planning and Population Policy in China

1st Edition

Edited By Chiung-Fang Chang, Che-Fu Lee, Sherry L. McKibben, Dudley L. Poston, Carol S. Walther
April 15, 2009

China's one-child population policy, first initiated in 1979, has had an enormous effect on the country’s development. By reducing its fertility in the past two decades to less than two children per woman, and developing a family planning program focused heavily on sterilization and abortion, China...

Developmental Dilemmas Land Reform and Institutional Change in China

Developmental Dilemmas: Land Reform and Institutional Change in China

1st Edition

By Peter Ho
March 10, 2009

Developmental Dilemmas singles out land as an object of study and places it in the context of one of the world's largest and most populous countries undergoing institutional reform: the People's Republic of China. The book demonstrates that private property protected by law, the principle of '...

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