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Routledge Studies in British Politics

About the Series

This series aims to engage experts in the fields of UK politics, political history and public policy-making whilst addressing a wide array of political dynamics, contexts, histories and ideas. Many of the current major political trends and issues - such as the long-term impact of Brexit, the implications of political disenchantment, the surge in party membership, growing constitutional strains on the UK, and the unbalanced nature of formal political participation in terms of class, gender and ethnicity - are major challenges to political elites.

The series will retain a particular focus on British government, British politics and public policy, while locating those issues within a European and global context. Its will aim to:

  • Promote research excellence with regards to British politics, including interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Disseminate relevant knowledge widely.
  • Engage and inform the public debate about the nature of British politics.
  • Contribute towards the development of public policy.
  • Stimulate innovation in teaching and research.

The series will initially focus on five core areas: 

  • Political thought and ideology: the dynamics of ideological change within and outside political parties; mapping the interplay of ideology and policy; debating different ideological traditions in British politics; and considering the impact of new forms of critical political thought
  • British party politics: how different parties in British politics are responding to new electoral, organizational and policy challenges.
  • Remodelling the UK polity: (De)Europeanization, devolution, and multi-level governance are promoting new national projects while delegating and dispersing powers from the centre through a ‘new localism’.
  • Managing the public household: including regulation, industrial policy, the economics of austerity, and politics beyond the crisis.  
  • Society and State: citizen-focused public policy, digital politics, the relationship between parliament and citizens, the politics of gender, civic participation, populism, immigration and culture, declining public trust, and the politics of public expectations.

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Series editors:

Patrick Diamond, Queen Mary University, London [email protected]

Tim Bale, Queen Mary University, London [email protected]



11 Series Titles

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Democracy in Scotland Freedom, Equality and Control Since Devolution

Democracy in Scotland: Freedom, Equality and Control Since Devolution

1st Edition


By Thomas Carl Lundberg
February 29, 2024

The book analyses post-devolution Scotland’s democratic quality using a framework that conceptualises democracy in terms of its levels of freedom, equality and control, with special attention paid to the distinction between maximalist and minimalist conceptualisations of equality. Drawing on a ...

Institutionalised Dissent The Official Opposition in the UK since 1935

Institutionalised Dissent: The Official Opposition in the UK since 1935

1st Edition


By Nigel Fletcher
December 22, 2023

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of a peculiar but now firmly established British institution – the Official Opposition – tracking its development since 1935. Despite its inherent importance to the conduct of politics and government, the Official Opposition as an institution remains ...

Why London is Labour A History of Metropolitan Politics, 1900-2020

Why London is Labour: A History of Metropolitan Politics, 1900-2020

1st Edition

By Michael Tichelar
January 09, 2023

This book answers the question why London has been a stronghold for the Labour Party for relatively long periods of the last century and continues to be so to this day to an extent that surprises contemporaries. The book draws on evidence from history and political sociology as well as the ...

The Brexit Effect What Leaving the EU Means for British Politics

The Brexit Effect: What Leaving the EU Means for British Politics

1st Edition

By Gianfranco Baldini, Edoardo Bressanelli, Emanuele Massetti
November 24, 2022

This book examines the seismic impact of Brexit on the British political system, assessing its likely long-term effect in terms of a significantly changed political and constitutional landscape. Starting with the 2015 general election and covering key developments up to "Brexit Day", it shows how ...

Neil Kinnock Saving the Labour Party?

Neil Kinnock: Saving the Labour Party?

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin Hickson
May 19, 2022

The book reappraises Neil Kinnock’s policies, impact, legacy and leadership of the Labour Party 30 years on from his defeat in the 1992 general election. It offers comprehensively fresh perspectives and some first-hand accounts – some friendly, others more critical – from leading academics, ...

Inequality in Britain

Inequality in Britain

1st Edition

By Alan Ware
December 02, 2019

This book provides a thorough and engaging analysis of inequality in Britain, including its long-term development and transformation since the beginning of the 20th century. The author argues that inequality is not what it used to be – no longer can policy-makers consider it just in terms of ...

The Making of the Conservative Party’s Immigration Policy

The Making of the Conservative Party’s Immigration Policy

1st Edition

By Rebecca Partos
June 03, 2019

This book explains the development of the Conservative Party’s immigration policy during the seven decades since 1945, up to today. By bringing together existing theories from the fields of political science and migration studies, this book offers a new model of party policy-making, which...

British Public Opinion on Foreign and Defence Policy 1945-2017

British Public Opinion on Foreign and Defence Policy: 1945-2017

1st Edition

By Ben Clements
October 25, 2018

This book provides a long-term perspective on the opinions of the British public on foreign and defence policy in the post-war era. Thematically wide-ranging, it looks at the broader role of foreign and defence policy in British politics and elections, public opinion towards Britain’s key ...

Neoliberalisms in British Politics

Neoliberalisms in British Politics

1st Edition

By Christopher Byrne
September 08, 2018

Taking a chronological approach, this book challenges established economistic and ideologistic narratives of neoliberalism in Britain by charting the gradual diffusion of an increasingly interventionist neoliberal governmental rationality in British politics since the late 1970s, and the various ...

The Struggle for Labour's Soul Understanding Labour's Political Thought Since 1945

The Struggle for Labour's Soul: Understanding Labour's Political Thought Since 1945

2nd Edition

Edited By Matt Beech, Kevin Hickson, Raymond Plant
June 18, 2018

The election of the most left-wing Labour Party Leader since 1945, followed by the Party's third consecutive general election defeat and the ongoing cultural divisions around Brexit present an ideal opportunity for a thorough re-evaluation of the state of the Party within its broader ideological ...

Centralisation, Devolution and the Future of Local Government in England

Centralisation, Devolution and the Future of Local Government in England

1st Edition

By Steve Leach, John Stewart, George Jones
August 11, 2017

English local government is in a state of decline after 40 years of incremental but cumulative centralisation by central government. This book is the first to directly address this trend's impact upon the institution of local government, a crucial element in the democratic viability of a unitary ...

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