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Routledge Studies in Democratic Innovations

About the Series

Representative democracy faces several major challenges in contemporary times. Two of the most prominent challenges are the problematic functioning of its institutions and the decreasing popular legitimacy of its decision-making process. The gap between citizens and institutions widens and has major impact on politics and society.

This book series on Democratic Innovations bridges the gap between various perspectives on democratic innovations. It examines the determinants, functioning and consequences of democratic innovations from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. It accepts proposals in the form of monographs or edited volumes that feature relevant aspects for the development of this area of research and both single-case studies and comparative approaches on any form of democratic innovation as long as these are of interest to a broader audience. Of particular interest will be:

  • democratic innovations in theory and in practice
  • the impact of democratic innovations on policy, politics or society
  • how those involved in democratic innovations understand, perceive and influence their functioning
  • the contemporary challenges of democratic innovations

If you have an idea for a new book in Routledge Studies in Democratic Innovations, please approach the series editors via e-mail to discuss your project and to receive the required template for book proposals.


Sergiu Gherghina: [email protected]

Camille Bedock: [email protected]  

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The Future of Self-Governing, Thriving Democracies Democratic Innovations By, With and For the People

The Future of Self-Governing, Thriving Democracies: Democratic Innovations By, With and For the People

1st Edition


By Brigitte Geissel
May 27, 2024

This book offers a new approach for the future of democracy by advocating to give citizens the power to deliberate and to decide how to govern themselves. Innovatively building on and integrating components of representative, deliberative and participatory theories of democracy with empirical ...

Deliberative Constitution-making Opportunities and Challenges

Deliberative Constitution-making: Opportunities and Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Min Reuchamps, Yanina Welp
August 31, 2023

This book explains deliberative constitution-making with a special focus on the connections between participation, representation and legitimacy and provides a general overview of what the challenges and prospects of deliberative constitution-making are today. It seeks to provide a more complete ...

Reclaiming Participatory Governance Social Movements and the Reinvention of Democratic Innovation

Reclaiming Participatory Governance: Social Movements and the Reinvention of Democratic Innovation

1st Edition

Edited By Adrian Bua, Sonia Bussu
May 12, 2023

Reclaiming Participatory Governance offers empirical and theoretical perspectives on how the relationship between social movements and state institutions is emerging and developing through new modes of participatory governance. One of the most interesting political developments of the past decade ...

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