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Greening the Economy Integrating economics and ecology to make effective change

Greening the Economy: Integrating economics and ecology to make effective change

1st Edition

By Robert Williams
November 08, 2013

Professor Bob Williams examines the essential elements that give ecosystems their durability. These key characteristics are: self-regulating cycles of key materials, a plentiful and durable energy source, an ability to adjust to changing circumstances, and the capacity for resiliency in the face of...

The Green Fiscal Mechanism and Reform for Low Carbon Development East Asia and Europe

The Green Fiscal Mechanism and Reform for Low Carbon Development: East Asia and Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Akihisa Mori, Paul Ekins, Stefan Speck, Soo-Cheol Lee, Kazuhiro Ueta
October 14, 2013

This book reviews how far East Asian nations have implemented green fiscal reform, and show how they can advance carbon-energy tax reform to realize low carbon development, with special reference to European policy and experience. East Asian nations are learning European experiences to adopt them ...

Environment and Employment A Reconciliation

Environment and Employment: A Reconciliation

1st Edition

Edited By Philip Lawn
November 20, 2012

Mounting evidence suggests that GDP growth is damaging the natural environment and unlikely to be ecologically sustainable in the long-run. At the same time, an annual GDP growth rate of around three percent is regarded as the minimum necessary to prevent unemployment from escalating. Clearly, a ...

Ecology and Power Struggles over Land and Material Resources in the Past, Present and Future

Ecology and Power: Struggles over Land and Material Resources in the Past, Present and Future

1st Edition

Edited By Alf Hornborg, Brett Clark, Kenneth Hermele
October 19, 2012

Power and social inequality shape patterns of land use and resource management. This book explores this relationship from different perspectives, illuminating the complexity of interactions between human societies and nature. Most of the contributors use the perspective of "political ecology" as a ...

Global Ecology and Unequal Exchange Fetishism in a Zero-Sum World

Global Ecology and Unequal Exchange: Fetishism in a Zero-Sum World

1st Edition

By Alf Hornborg
October 18, 2012

In modern society, we tend to have faith in technology. But is our concept of ‘technology’ itself a cultural illusion? This book challenges the idea that humanity as a whole is united in a common development toward increasingly efficient technologies. Instead it argues that modern technology ...

Sustainable Development Capabilities, Needs, and Well-being

Sustainable Development: Capabilities, Needs, and Well-being

1st Edition

Edited By Felix Rauschmayer, Ines Omann, Johannes Frühmann
November 24, 2011

This groundbreaking new work establishes links between sustainable development, needs, well-being, and the capabilities approach that is central to human development and the United Nations Development Programme. By challenging the role of people in sustainability policy, this collection’s argument ...

The Planet in 2050 The Lund Discourse of the Future

The Planet in 2050: The Lund Discourse of the Future

1st Edition

Edited By Jill Jäger, Sarah Cornell
July 23, 2012

In 2050, the billions of people living on Earth have found a way to manage the planetary system effectively. Everyone has access to adequate food, shelter, and clean water. Human health is no longer considered outside of the health of the ecosystems in which people live. Ecological awareness is an ...

Philosophical Basics of Ecology and Economy

Philosophical Basics of Ecology and Economy

1st Edition

By Malte Faber, Reiner Manstetten
June 28, 2012

In today's world – despite the dramatic anthropogenic environmental changes – a proper understanding of the relationship between humanity and nature requires a certain detachment. The pressing problems in their whole extent will only be fully understood and solved with comprehensive and patient ...

Environmental Social Accounting Matrices Theory and applications

Environmental Social Accounting Matrices: Theory and applications

1st Edition

By Pablo Martínez de Anguita, John E. Wagner
May 09, 2012

In this book Professors Pablo Martínez de Anguita and John E. Wagner put two disciplines together, regional and ecological economics, presenting a way to understand ecological economic concerns from a regional perspective, and providing a mathematical tool to measure their interrelationships. This ...

Carbon Responsibility and Embodied Emissions Theory and Measurement

Carbon Responsibility and Embodied Emissions: Theory and Measurement

1st Edition

By João F. D. Rodrigues, Tiago M. D. Domingos, Alexandra P.S. Marques
December 15, 2011

Climate change policy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are currently discussed at all scales, ranging from the Kyoto Protocol to the increasingly frequent advertisement of ''carbon neutrality'' in consumer products. However, the only policy option usually considered is the reduction of...

Frontiers of Environmental Input-Output Analysis

Frontiers of Environmental Input-Output Analysis

1st Edition

By Shigemi Kagawa
October 14, 2011

Input-Output Analysis (IOA) is widely used in the field of ecological economics, industrial ecology, and environmental sciences. Industrial Ecology (IE) and Ecological Economics (EE) are promising and growing fields. IOA plays a crucial role in analyzing the related environmental and resource ...

Sustainability Networks Cognitive Tools for Expert Collaboration in Social-Ecological Systems

Sustainability Networks: Cognitive Tools for Expert Collaboration in Social-Ecological Systems

1st Edition

By Janne Hukkinen
June 15, 2011

Sustainability is a word that means different things depending on who is using it, thus underlining the potential problems involved in experts from different fields teaming up to tackle sustainability problems. In this book, Janne Hukkinen argues for a reflexive approach to sustainability as a ...

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