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Routledge Studies in Economic Theory, Method and Philosophy

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Teaching and Research Methods for Islamic Economics and Finance

Teaching and Research Methods for Islamic Economics and Finance

1st Edition


Edited By Mohd Ma'Sum Billah
September 25, 2023

Methods and techniques adopted in teaching, training, learning, research, professional development, or capacity building are generally standardized across most traditional disciplines, particularly within developing countries. This is not the case, however, when it comes to the Islamic disciplines,...

False Feedback in Economics The Case for Replication

False Feedback in Economics: The Case for Replication

1st Edition

By Andrin Spescha
January 09, 2023

This book investigates why economics makes less visible progress over time than scientific fields with a strong practical component, where interactions with physical technologies play a key role. The thesis of the book is that the main impediment to progress in economics is "false feedback", which ...

The Economics and Science of Measurement A Study of Metrology

The Economics and Science of Measurement: A Study of Metrology

1st Edition

By Albert N. Link
December 19, 2022

Metrology is the study of measurement science. Although classical economists have emphasized the importance of measurement per se, the majority of economics-based writings on the topic have taken the form of government reports related to the activities of specific national metrology laboratories. ...

The Solow Model of Economic Growth Application to Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues

The Solow Model of Economic Growth: Application to Contemporary Macroeconomic Issues

1st Edition

By Paweł Dykas, Tomasz Tokarski, Rafał Wisła
October 21, 2022

In 1956, Solow proposed a neoclassical growth model in opposition or as an alternative to Keynesian growth models. The Solow model of economic growth provided foundations for models embedded in the new theory of economic growth, known as the theory of endogenous growth, such as the renowned growth ...

Complexity Economics Economic Governance, Science and Policy

Complexity Economics: Economic Governance, Science and Policy

1st Edition

By Olivér Kovács
July 15, 2022

Our socio–economic innovation ecosystem is riddled with ever-increasing complexity, as we are faced with more frequent and intense shocks, such as COVID-19. Unfortunately, addressing complexity requires a different kind of economic governance. There is increasing pressure on economics to not only ...

Financial Market Analysis and Behaviour The Adaptive Preference Hypothesis

Financial Market Analysis and Behaviour: The Adaptive Preference Hypothesis

1st Edition

By Emil Dinga, Camelia Oprean-Stan, Cristina-Roxana Tănăsescu, Vasile Brătian, Gabriela-Mariana Ionescu
July 06, 2022

This book addresses the functioning of financial markets, in particular the financial market model, and modelling. More specifically, the book provides a model of adaptive preference in the financial market, rather than the model of the adaptive financial market, which is mostly based on Popper's ...

The Art and Science of Econometrics

The Art and Science of Econometrics

1st Edition

By Ping Zong
May 03, 2022

Today econometrics has been widely applied in the empirical study of economics. As an empirical science, econometrics uses rigorous mathematical and statistical methods for economic problems. Understanding the methodologies of both econometrics and statistics is a crucial departure for econometrics...

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