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Routledge Studies in Economic Theory, Method and Philosophy

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False Feedback in Economics The Case for Replication

False Feedback in Economics: The Case for Replication

1st Edition


By Andrin Spescha
July 22, 2021

This book investigates why economics makes less visible progress over time than scientific fields with a strong practical component, where interactions with physical technologies play a key role. The thesis of the book is that the main impediment to progress in economics is "false feedback", which ...

The Economics and Science of Measurement A Study of Metrology

The Economics and Science of Measurement: A Study of Metrology

1st Edition


By Albert N. Link
July 09, 2021

Metrology is the study of measurement science. Although classical economists have emphasized the importance of measurement per se, the majority of economics-based writings on the topic have taken the form of government reports related to the activities of specific national metrology laboratories. ...

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