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Energy Capitol The Waning of Regulatory Form

Energy Capitol: The Waning of Regulatory Form

1st Edition


By Arthur Mason
November 04, 2024

Energy Capitol explores the waning of regulatory politics surrounding large-scale energy systems in the United States at the turn of the millennium. Throughout the twentieth century, large-scale energy systems in North America and Europe were highly regulated by a national political community whose...

Constitutional Discussions on Nuclear Energy in Germany

Constitutional Discussions on Nuclear Energy in Germany

1st Edition

By Robert Rybski
June 27, 2024

This book analyses the German constitutional system's responses towards nuclear energy. Robert Rybski begins with a presentation of energy security as a constitutional value and explores how it connects with nuclear energy. He also examines constitutional standards derived from the German ...

Russia’s Foreign Energy Policy Resources, Actors, Conflicts

Russia’s Foreign Energy Policy: Resources, Actors, Conflicts

1st Edition

By Kenan Aslanli
August 31, 2023

This book examines Russia’s multidimensional foreign energy policy and the emerging and ongoing conflicts with energy-consuming and transit countries. Russia’s Foreign Energy Policy examines whether the interdependence patterns shaped through various channels (such as foreign trade, investment, ...

Nuclear Power in Stagnation A Cultural Approach to Failed Expansion

Nuclear Power in Stagnation: A Cultural Approach to Failed Expansion

1st Edition

By David Toke, Geoffrey Chun-Fung Chen, Antony Froggatt, Richard Connolly
September 26, 2022

This book studies the extent to which nuclear safety issues have contributed towards the stagnation of nuclear power development around the world, and accounts for differences in safety regulations in different countries. In order to understand why nuclear development has not met widespread ...

Social Movements against Wind Power in Canada and Germany Energy Policy and Contention

Social Movements against Wind Power in Canada and Germany: Energy Policy and Contention

1st Edition

By Andrea Bues
May 06, 2022

Taking a comparative case study approach between Canada and Germany, this book investigates the contrasting response of governments to anti-wind movements. Environmental social movements have been critical players for encouraging the shift towards increased use of renewable energy. However, social...

Wind Power and Public Engagement Co-operatives and Community Ownership

Wind Power and Public Engagement: Co-operatives and Community Ownership

1st Edition

By Giuseppe Pellegrini-Masini
April 29, 2022

Adopting an interdisciplinary social science approach, this book examines community reactions to wind farms to form a new understanding of what facilitates social acceptance. Based on empirical research, Wind Power and Public Engagement investigates opposition to wind energy and considers the ...

Ethics in Danish Energy Policy

Ethics in Danish Energy Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Finn Arler, Mogens Rüdiger, Karl Sperling, Kristian Høyer Toft, Bo Poulsen
March 31, 2020

This book deepens our understanding of ethical drivers in energy policy and contributes to future decision-making on transitions towards a sustainable energy system. During the latest fifty years Western energy politics have been faced with a series of ethical challenges including rapid growth, ...

Mainstreaming Solar Energy in Small, Tropical Islands Cultural and Policy Implications

Mainstreaming Solar Energy in Small, Tropical Islands: Cultural and Policy Implications

1st Edition

By Kiron C. Neale
March 18, 2020

This book explores how cultural considerations can improve policymaking to achieve mainstream solar energy in small, tropical islands. Focusing on Trinidad, Barbados and Oʻahu, Kiron C. Neale looks at how culture can affect and be affected by the policies that support the household adoption ...

Appraising the Economics of Smart Meters Costs and Benefits

Appraising the Economics of Smart Meters: Costs and Benefits

1st Edition

By Jacopo Torriti
March 17, 2020

This book focuses on the economics of smart meters and is one of the first to present comprehensive evidence on the impacts, cost-benefits and risks associated with smart metering. Throughout this volume, Jacopo Torriti integrates his findings from institutional cost-benefit analyses and smart ...

Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries Policies and Programmes

Energy Efficiency in Developing Countries: Policies and Programmes

1st Edition

Edited By Suzana Tavares da Silva, Gabriela Prata Dias
February 17, 2020

This book presents a comparative analysis of energy efficiency policies in developing countries. Although there is a vast amount of literature available about renewable energy policy and implementation in the developing world, energy efficiency tends to lack attention. This book fills this lacuna ...

Energy Policies and Climate Change in China Actors, Implementation, and Future Prospects

Energy Policies and Climate Change in China: Actors, Implementation, and Future Prospects

1st Edition

By Han Lin
August 19, 2019

In the face of growing environmental challenges, including climate change and energy security, countries across the globe are developing new policies and programs to address these challenges, and China is no exception. This book analyses China’s two most significant climate-related energy policies,...

Energy Security and Cooperation in Eurasia Power, profits and politics

Energy Security and Cooperation in Eurasia: Power, profits and politics

1st Edition

By Ekaterina Svyatets
April 15, 2019

Why are bilateral relations, especially in the area of energy security, so different in the cases of U.S.-Russia, U.S.-Azerbaijan, and Russia-Germany energy deals? Why do some states find common ground despite differences, while others, with all the seemingly favourable conditions, are sinking into...

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