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Routledge Studies in Global and Transnational Politics

About the Series

The core theme of the series is the outcomes and implications of global and transnational processes on states and emerging and re-emerging social movements. This includes historical and contemporary processes underlying state development and social movements. The series aims to promote greater theoretical innovation and inter-disciplinarity in the academic study of global transformations, as well as local movements with global relevance or connections. The understanding of globalization that it employs accords centrality to forms and processes of political, social, cultural and economic connectivity (and dis-connectivity) and relations between the global and the local.

The series aims to publish high quality and original work by leading and emerging scholars critically engaging with key issues in the study of global and transnational politics, including local phenomena that feed into, and are fed by, global processes and structures. It will comprise research monographs, edited collections and advanced textbooks for scholars, researchers, policy analysts, and students.


Series Editor: Ibrahim Halawi

Founding Series Editors: Sandra Halperin & Chris Rumford

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The Transnational Politics of Higher Education Contesting the Global / Transforming the Local

The Transnational Politics of Higher Education: Contesting the Global / Transforming the Local

1st Edition

Edited By Meng-Hsuan Chou, Isaac Kamola, Tamson Pietsch
March 10, 2016

This edited volume introduces readers to the relationship between higher education and transnational politics. It shows how higher education is a significant arena for regional and international transformation as well as domestic political struggle replete with unequal power relations. This volume ...

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