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Routledge Studies in Labour Economics

About the Series

Routledge Studies in Labour Economics looks at the economic implications of the modern labour market. This series is our home for cutting-edge, upper-level scholarly studies and edited collections. Considering labour economics alongside history, politics, cultural studies, health, education, globalisation, and other subjects, titles are characterized by dynamic interventions into established subjects and innovative studies on emerging topics. 

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Workers and the Global Informal Economy Interdisciplinary perspectives

Workers and the Global Informal Economy: Interdisciplinary perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Supriya Routh, Vando Borghi
April 28, 2016

The global financial crisis and subsequent increase in social inequality has led in many cases to a redrawing of the boundaries between formal and informal work. This interdisciplinary volume explores the role of informal work in today’s global economy, presenting economic, legal, sociological, ...

Youth and the Crisis Unemployment, education and health in Europe

Youth and the Crisis: Unemployment, education and health in Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Gianluigi Coppola, Niall O'Higgins
December 15, 2015

The recent recession has led to an ongoing crisis in the youth labour market in Europe. This timely book deals with a number of areas related to the context, choices and experiences of young people, the consequences of which resonate throughout their lives. The focus of the contributions to this ...

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