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Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics

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This series is concerned with recent political developments in the region. It will have a range of different approaches and include both single authored monographs and edited volumes covering issues such as international relations, foreign intervention, security, political Islam, democracy, ideology and public policy.

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Israel's Military Operations in Gaza Telegenic Lawfare and Warfare

Israel's Military Operations in Gaza: Telegenic Lawfare and Warfare

1st Edition

By Marouf Hasian Jr
March 31, 2016

Civilians in Gaza and Israel are caught up in complex, violent situations that have overstepped conventional battle lines. Both sides of the conflict have found ways to legitimate the use of violence, and continually swap accusations of violations of domestic and international humanitarian laws. ...

Diasporic Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Diasporic Activism in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

1st Edition

By Svenja Gertheiss
December 17, 2015

With their homelands at war, can Diasporas lead the way to peace, or do they present an obstacle to conflict resolution, nurturing hate far away from those who actually fall victim to violence? And which of these roles do the Jewish and Palestinian diaspora communities play in the ...

Koreans in the Persian Gulf Policies and International Relations

Koreans in the Persian Gulf: Policies and International Relations

1st Edition

By Shirzad Azad
February 19, 2015

Analyzing the Korean Peninsula’s contemporary engagement with the Persian Gulf region from the 1950s to the present day, the book begins by asking the following question: What drew Koreans to the region in the first place and under what circumstances were they drawn there? While taking into ...

Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey Fragmentations, Mobilizations, Participations & Repertoires

Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey: Fragmentations, Mobilizations, Participations & Repertoires

1st Edition

By Mehmet Orhan
October 19, 2015

The Kurdish conflict is an acknowledged long-standing issue in the Middle East, and the emergence of radical Kurdish nationalist movements in the 20th century played a decisive role in the evolution of political violence. Political Violence and Kurds in Turkey examines how this political violence ...

The Europeanization of Turkish Public Policies A Scorecard

The Europeanization of Turkish Public Policies: A Scorecard

1st Edition

Edited By Aylin Güney, Ali Tekin
October 01, 2015

Turkey’s candidacy for membership of the European Union has had mixed effects on its public policies. The initial degree of cohesion between EU and Turkish national policies, practices and institutions has varied by the policy field in question, leading to a complex amalgam of fit and misfit ...

The Israeli Conflict System Analytic Approaches

The Israeli Conflict System: Analytic Approaches

1st Edition

Edited By Harvey Starr, Stanley Dubinsky
August 20, 2015

The Middle East conflict system is perhaps the world’s most important and intractable problem area, whose developments carry global consequences. An effective investigation of the context and change in the region calls for a melding of academic approaches, methods and findings with policy oriented ...

Modern Middle East Authoritarianism Roots, Ramifications, and Crisis

Modern Middle East Authoritarianism: Roots, Ramifications, and Crisis

1st Edition

Edited By Noureddine Jebnoun, Mehrdad Kia, Mimi Kirk
June 09, 2015

While the Arab uprisings have overturned the idea of Arab "exceptionalism," or the acceptance of authoritarianism, better analysis of authoritarianism’s resilience in pre- and post-uprising scenarios is still needed. Modern Middle East Authoritarianism: Roots, Ramifications, and Crisis undertakes ...

The Europeanization of Turkey Polity and Politics

The Europeanization of Turkey: Polity and Politics

1st Edition

By Ali Tekin, Aylin Güney
April 24, 2015

Given the recent inertia in EU-Turkey relations in the midst of regional economic and political upheavals, Europeanization of Turkey takes a step back from the latest headlines to provide a comprehensive stocktaking of EU-inspired reform efforts in Turkey with an eye to understanding how effective ...

The Kurdish Issue in Turkey A Spatial Perspective

The Kurdish Issue in Turkey: A Spatial Perspective

1st Edition

Edited By Zeynep Gambetti, Joost Jongerden
April 21, 2015

This volume gives a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the Kurdish issue in Turkey from a spatial perspective that takes into account geographical variations in identity formation, exclusion and political mobilisation. Although analysis of Turkey’s Kurdish issue from a spatial perspective is ...

Nationalisms and Politics in Turkey Political Islam, Kemalism and the Kurdish Issue

Nationalisms and Politics in Turkey: Political Islam, Kemalism and the Kurdish Issue

1st Edition

Edited By Marlies Casier, Joost Jongerden
April 07, 2015

This book examines some of the most pressing issues facing the Turkish political establishment, in particular the issues of political Islam, and Kurdish and Turkish nationalisms. The authors explore the rationales of the main political actors in Turkey in order to increase our understanding of the ...

Public Management in Israel Development, Structure, Functions and Reforms

Public Management in Israel: Development, Structure, Functions and Reforms

1st Edition

By Itzhak Galnoor
March 04, 2015

As government management in Israel is gradually replaced by private sector management, it is becoming apparent that the collective-oriented mission of government cannot be fulfilled by the private sector or by the non-profit organizations of civil society. This book provides an analysis of the ...

Ethnicity and Elections in Turkey Party Politics and the Mobilization of Swing Voters

Ethnicity and Elections in Turkey: Party Politics and the Mobilization of Swing Voters

1st Edition

By Gul Akdag
September 15, 2014

Ethnicity and Elections in Turkey attempts to understand the mobilization strategies of incumbent parties to consolidate and increase their support among swing voters of an ethnic group. By analyzing the strategy of AKP on voters of Kurdish origin, it investigates the conditions under which it can ...

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