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Routledge Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution

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The field of peace and conflict research has grown enormously as an academic pursuit in recent years, gaining credibility and relevance amongst policy makers and in the international humanitarian and NGO sector. The Routledge Studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution series aims to provide an outlet for some of the most significant new work emerging from this academic community, and to establish itself as a leading platform for innovative work at the point where peace and conflict research impacts on International Relations theory and processes.

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The Colombian Peace Agreement A Multidisciplinary Assessment

The Colombian Peace Agreement: A Multidisciplinary Assessment

1st Edition


Jorge Luis Fabra-Zamora, Andrés Molina-Ochoa, Nancy C. Doubleday
April 14, 2021

This book is an interdisciplinary examination of the peace agreement signed between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. The volume is the first systematic, interdisciplinary discussion of the Colombian peace process, which ended one of the largest and most ...

Multi-Level Reconciliation and Peacebuilding Stakeholder Perspectives

Multi-Level Reconciliation and Peacebuilding: Stakeholder Perspectives

1st Edition


Kevin P. Clements, SungYong Lee
December 07, 2020

This edited volume examines the group dynamics of social reconciliation in conflict-affected societies by adopting ideas developed in social psychology and the ‘everyday peace’ discourse in peace and conflict studies. The book revisits the intra- and inter-group dynamics of social reconciliation in...

Healing and Peacebuilding after War Transforming Trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Healing and Peacebuilding after War: Transforming Trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina

1st Edition

Julianne Funk, Nancy Good, Marie E. Berry
July 23, 2020

This book brings together multiple perspectives to examine the strengths and limitations of efforts to promote healing and peacebuilding after war, focusing on the aftermath of the traumatic armed conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This book begins with a simple premise: trauma that is not ...

Root Narrative Theory and Conflict Resolution Power, Justice and Values

Root Narrative Theory and Conflict Resolution: Power, Justice and Values

1st Edition

Solon J. Simmons
February 20, 2020

This book introduces Root Narrative Theory, a new approach for narrative analysis, decoding moral politics, and for building respect and understanding in conditions of radical disagreement. This theory of moral politics bridges emotion and reason, and, rather than relying on what people say, it ...

Peace in International Relations

Peace in International Relations

2nd Edition

Oliver P. Richmond
January 21, 2020

This updated and revised second edition examines the conceptualisation and evolution of peace in International Relations (IR) theory. The book examines the concept of peace and its usage in the main theoretical debates in IR, including realism, liberalism, constructivism, critical theory, and ...

Negotiating Intractable Conflicts Readiness Theory Revisited

Negotiating Intractable Conflicts: Readiness Theory Revisited

1st Edition

Amira Schiff
September 26, 2019

Through the lens of readiness theory, this book focuses on elements that determine the success and failure in negotiating peace agreements in intractable ethno-national conflicts. Examining three cases of mediated negotiation in Aceh, Sudan, and Sri Lanka, the book provides an analytical framework ...

Political Expression and Conflict Transformation in Divided Societies Criminalising Politics and Politicising Crime

Political Expression and Conflict Transformation in Divided Societies: Criminalising Politics and Politicising Crime

1st Edition

Daniel Kirkpatrick
September 05, 2019

This book considers how the social construction of crime and the criminalising of political expression impact upon different stages in a violent political conflict. The freedom to express our political opinions is regarded as an essential human right throughout most of the world, and yet, in ...

Resolving International Conflict Dynamics of Escalation, Continuation and Transformation

Resolving International Conflict: Dynamics of Escalation, Continuation and Transformation

1st Edition

Isabel Bramsen, Poul Poder, Ole Waever
May 20, 2019

Resolving International Conflict rethinks the dynamics of conflict escalation and continuation by engaging with research from the wide range of subfields in this area. The book suggests a new framework for understanding conflict as a particular form of situation, interaction and tension. It shows ...

Universities and Conflict The Role of Higher Education in Peacebuilding and Resistance

Universities and Conflict: The Role of Higher Education in Peacebuilding and Resistance

1st Edition

Juliet Millican
May 07, 2019

This book uses a series of case studies to examine the roles played by universities during situations of conflict, peacebuilding and resistance. While a body of work dealing with the role of education in conflict does exist, this is almost entirely concerned with compulsory education and schooling...

State Domination and the Psycho-Politics of Conflict Power, Conflict and Humiliation

State Domination and the Psycho-Politics of Conflict: Power, Conflict and Humiliation

1st Edition

Daniel Rothbart
April 04, 2019

This book offers a detailed study of the psycho-politics of governmental manipulation, in which a vulnerable population is disciplined by contorting their sense of self-worth. In many conflict settings, a nation’s government exerts its dominance over a marginalized population group through laws, ...

Comparing Peace Processes

Comparing Peace Processes

1st Edition

Alpaslan Özerdem, Roger Mac Ginty
April 01, 2019

This book offers a comparative survey of 18 contemporary peace processes conducted by leading international scholars. There is no standard model of peace processes and all will vary according to the context, type of conflict, timing, national and global economic climate, and factors like natural ...

Gender, Nationalism and Conflict Transformation New Themes and Old Problems in Northern Ireland Politics

Gender, Nationalism and Conflict Transformation: New Themes and Old Problems in Northern Ireland Politics

1st Edition

Fidelma Ashe
March 28, 2019

Utilising Northern Ireland as a case study, this book presents an analysis of the gender and sexual politics of conflict transformation. The book synthesises a vast array of international sources with the author’s empirical and theoretical research to produce a powerful gendered critique of ...

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