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Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Stylistics

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Routledge Studies in Rhetoric and Stylistics offers original, dynamic academic investigations into the related fields of rhetoric and stylistics. Books will focus on rhetorical or stylistic approaches to pedagogy, cognition, emotion, corpora, and multimodality, incorporating analytic studies conducted on the synchronic and/or diachronic discourses of literature, politics, law, news, advertisements, business, academe, and other subjects. This exciting series offers an innovative and challenging range of texts, providing rich resources for students and researchers alike.

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Language, Ideology and Identity in Serial Killer Narratives

Language, Ideology and Identity in Serial Killer Narratives

1st Edition

By Christiana Gregoriou
May 21, 2015

In this book, Gregoriou explores the portrayal of the serial killer identity and its related ideology across a range of contemporary crime narratives, including detective fiction, the true crime genre and media journalism. How exactly is the serial killer consciousness portrayed, how is the killing...

Kafka's Cognitive Realism

Kafka's Cognitive Realism

1st Edition

By Emily Troscianko
February 14, 2014

This book uses insights from the cognitive sciences to illuminate Kafka’s poetics, exemplifying a paradigm for literary studies in which cognitive-scientific insights are brought to bear directly on literary texts. The volume shows that the concept of "cognitive realism" can be a critically ...

Ulysses and the Poetics of Cognition

Ulysses and the Poetics of Cognition

1st Edition

By Patrick Colm Hogan
September 10, 2013

Given Ulysses’ perhaps unparalleled attention to the operations of the human mind, it is unsurprising that critics have explored the work’s psychology. Nonetheless, there has been very little research that draws on recent cognitive science to examine thought and emotion in this novel. Hogan sets ...

Beyond Cognitive Metaphor Theory Perspectives on Literary Metaphor

Beyond Cognitive Metaphor Theory: Perspectives on Literary Metaphor

1st Edition

Edited By Monika Fludernik
May 25, 2011

In this innovative collection, an international group of scholars come together to discuss literary metaphors and cognitive metaphor theory. The volume's goals are three-fold. The first aim of the book is to present some recent approaches to metaphor which have no immediate connection with ...

Literary Reading, Cognition and Emotion An Exploration of the Oceanic Mind

Literary Reading, Cognition and Emotion: An Exploration of the Oceanic Mind

1st Edition

By Michael Burke
March 29, 2012

This work seeks to chart what happens in the embodied minds of engaged readers when they read literature. Despite the recent stylistic, linguistic, and cognitive advances that have been made in text-processing methodology and practice, very little is known about this cultural-cognitive process and ...

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