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Routledge Studies in Shakespeare

About the Series

This series is our home for cutting-edge, upper-level scholarly studies and edited collections. Considering Shakespeare alongside topics such as religion, politics, gender, race, ecology, popular culture, and history, titles are characterized by dynamic interventions into established subjects and innovative studies on emerging topics.

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Shakespeare's Sublime Pathos Person, Audience, Language

Shakespeare's Sublime Pathos: Person, Audience, Language

1st Edition

By Jonathan P. A. Sell
July 30, 2021

Shakespeare’s Sublime Pathos: Person, Audience, Language breaks new ground in providing a sustained, demystifying treatment of its subject and looking for answers to basic questions regarding the creation, experience, aesthetics and philosophy of Shakespearean sublimity. More specifically, it ...

Shakespeare, the Renaissance and Empire Volume II: Poetry, Philosophy and Politics

Shakespeare, the Renaissance and Empire: Volume II: Poetry, Philosophy and Politics

1st Edition

By Jonathan Locke Hart
May 18, 2021

Shakespeare, the Renaissance and Empire:  Poetry, Philosophy and Politics is the second volume of this study and builds on the first, which concentrated on related matters, including geography and language. In both volumes, a key focus is close analysis of the text and an attention to Shakespeare’s...

Shakespeare and Girls’ Studies

Shakespeare and Girls’ Studies

1st Edition

By Ariane M. Balizet
December 05, 2019

A modern-day Taming of the Shrew that concludes at a high school prom. An agoraphobic Olivia from Twelfth Night sending video dispatches from her bedroom. A time-traveling teenager finding romance in the house of Capulet. Shakespeare and Girls’ Studies posits that Shakespeare in popular culture is ...

The Art of Picturing in Early Modern English Literature

The Art of Picturing in Early Modern English Literature

1st Edition

Edited By Camilla Caporicci, Armelle Sabatier
November 08, 2019

Written by an international group of highly regarded scholars and rooted in the field of intermedial approaches to literary studies, this volume explores the complex aesthetic process of "picturing" in early modern English literature. The essays in this volume offer a comprehensive and varied ...

Spectrums of Shakespearean Crossdressing The Art of Performing Women

Spectrums of Shakespearean Crossdressing: The Art of Performing Women

1st Edition

By Courtney Bailey Parker
October 24, 2019

Since young male players were the norm during the English Renaissance, were all cross-dressed performances of female characters played with the same degree of seriousness? Probably not. Spectrums of Representation in Shakespearean Crossdressing examines these varied types of female characters in ...

Limited Shakespeare The Reason of Finitude

Limited Shakespeare: The Reason of Finitude

1st Edition

By Julián Jiménez Heffernan
May 08, 2019

Shakespeare’s poetic-dramatic worlds are inescapably limited. There is always, in his poems and plays, a force (a contingent drive, a pre-textual undertow, a rational-critical momentum, an ironic stance, the deflections of error) coercing plot and meaning to their end. By examining the work of ...

Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare A New Attribution Method

Francis Bacon’s Contribution to Shakespeare: A New Attribution Method

1st Edition

By Barry R. Clarke
February 06, 2019

Francis Bacon's Contribution to Shakespeare advocates a paradigm shift away from a single-author theory of the Shakespeare work towards a many-hands theory. Here, the middle ground is adopted between competing so-called Stratfordian and alternative single-author conspiracy theories. In the process,...

Shakespeare’s Props Memory and Cognition

Shakespeare’s Props: Memory and Cognition

1st Edition

By Sophie Duncan
January 29, 2019

Cognitive approaches to drama have enriched our understanding of Early Modern playtexts, acting and spectatorship. This monograph is the first full-length study of Shakespeare’s props and their cognitive impact. Shakespeare’s most iconic props have become transhistorical, transnational metonyms for...

Shakespeare and Asia

Shakespeare and Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Locke Hart
November 26, 2018

Shakespeare and Asia brings together innovative scholars from Asia or with Asian connections to explore these matters of East-West and global contexts then and now. The collection ranges from interpretations of Shakespeare’s plays and his relations with other authors like Marlowe and Dickens ...

Shakespeare's Great Tragedies Experiencing Their Impact

Shakespeare's Great Tragedies: Experiencing Their Impact

1st Edition

By John Hardy
October 15, 2018

Shakespeare's great tragedies portray through their richly imagined worlds the inescapable fact of human mortality. As the work of a great creative genius, they are so diverse that critical formulas used to describe their overall impact tend to be somewhat suspect. Their impact follows from a ...

Shakespeare and Indian Cinemas

Shakespeare and Indian Cinemas: "Local Habitations"

1st Edition

Edited By Poonam Trivedi, Paromita Chakravarti
August 06, 2018

This book is the first to explore the rich archive of Shakespeare in Indian cinemas, including less familiar, Indian language cinemas to contribute to the assessment of the expanding repertoire of Shakespeare films worldwide. Essays cover mainstream and regional Indian cinemas such as the better ...

Rethinking Shakespeare Source Study Audiences, Authors, and Digital Technologies

Rethinking Shakespeare Source Study: Audiences, Authors, and Digital Technologies

1st Edition

Edited By Dennis Austin Britton, Melissa Walter
April 06, 2018

This book asks new questions about how and why Shakespeare engages with source material, and about what should be counted as sources in Shakespeare studies. The essays demonstrate that source study remains an indispensable mode of inquiry for understanding Shakespeare, his authorship and audiences,...

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