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Routledge Studies in Surveillance

About the Series

Surveillance is one of the fundamental sociotechnical processes underpinning the administration, governance and management of the modern world. It shapes how the world is experienced and enacted. The much-hyped growth in computing power and data analytics in public and private life, successive scandals concerning privacy breaches, national security and human rights have vastly increased its popularity as a research topic. The centrality of personal data collection to notions of equality, political participation and the emergence of surveillant authoritarian and post-authoritarian capitalisms, among other things, ensure that its popularity will endure within the scholarly community.

A collection of books focusing on surveillance studies, this series aims to help to overcome some of the disciplinary boundaries that surveillance scholars face by providing an informative and diverse range of books, with a variety of outputs that represent the breadth of discussions currently taking place.

Kirstie Ball is Professor in Management at St Andrews University, UK.

William Webster is Professor of Public Policy and Management at the University of Stirling, UK.

Charles Raab is a Professorial Fellow within the department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Edinburgh, UK.

Pete Fussey is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at University of Essex, UK.

The series editors are directors of the Centre for Research into Information, Surveillance and Privacy (CRISP). CRISP is an interdisciplinary research centre whose work focuses on the political, legal, economic and social dimensions of the surveillance society.

5 Series Titles

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Police on Camera Surveillance, Privacy, and Accountability

Police on Camera: Surveillance, Privacy, and Accountability

1st Edition

Edited By Bryce Clayton Newell
October 19, 2020

Police body-worn cameras (BWCs) are at the cutting edge of policing. They have sparked important conversations about the proper role and extent of police in society and about balancing security, oversight, accountability, privacy, and surveillance in our modern world. Police on Camera address the ...

Media, Surveillance and Affect Narrating Feeling-States

Media, Surveillance and Affect: Narrating Feeling-States

1st Edition

By Nicole Falkenhayner
December 11, 2018

Surveillance has become a part of everyday life: we are surrounded by surveillance technologies in news media, when we go down the street, in the movies, and even carry them in our own pockets in the form of smartphones. How are we constructing imaginaries of our realities and of ourselves as ...

Surveillance and Democracy in Europe

Surveillance and Democracy in Europe

1st Edition

Edited By Kirstie Ball, William Webster
August 15, 2018

Many contemporary surveillance practices take place in information infrastructures which are from the public domain. Although they have far reaching consequences for both citizens and their rights, they are not always subject to regulatory demands and oversight. This being said, democratic ...

Surveillance, Privacy and Public Space

Surveillance, Privacy and Public Space

1st Edition

Edited By Bryce Clayton Newell, Tjerk Timan, Bert-Jaap Koops
July 26, 2018

Today, public space has become a fruitful venue for surveillance of many kinds. Emerging surveillance technologies used by governments, corporations, and even individual members of the public are reshaping the very nature of physical public space. Especially in urban environments, the ability of ...

Big Data, Surveillance and Crisis Management

Big Data, Surveillance and Crisis Management

1st Edition

Edited By Kees Boersma, Chiara Fonio
August 30, 2017

Big data, surveillance, crisis management. Three largely different and richly researched fields, however, the interplay amongst these three domains is rarely addressed. In this enlightening title, the link between these three fields is explored in a consequential order through a variety of ...

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