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Routledge Studies in Theatre, Ecology, and Performance

About the Series

Studies in Theatre, Ecology, and Performance (STEP) explores intersections between theatre, ecology, and performance studies in a global context. Amidst the current pandemic, the threat of environmental degradation—in particular climate change, challenges to clean water and air, food insecurity, and species extinction—seems to lurk just off stage. Yet, ecology and the environment remain overriding concerns of the Anthropocene and the pandemic is incriminated in received interspecies practice. Theatre and performance studies can add unique contributions to current conversations around future human behaviours. STEP seeks proposals from those working in intersecting fields of theatre, performance studies, and ecology across the globe. Ecology can be defined as the study of organisms and their interactive environment or "home."

Series editor Sarah Ann Standing encourages a broad interpretation of ecology that embraces a multiplicity of eco-philosophies, ecocriticism, sciences, and arts. STEP seeks proposals that investigate and debate these themes in relation to a broad understanding of performance including theatre, dance, intermedial performing arts, and performance and activism. STEP is interested in scholarship probing ecodramaturgy, new configurations or articulations of the nature / culture relationship, new ecological performatives, and performances of environmental precepts, ideas, themes, or consciousness. Additionally, STEP is particularly interested in decolonialism as it dovetails with current performance genres and eco-justice movements. STEP welcomes LGBTQ voices and invocations of queer ecologies, indigeneity and ecology, eco-feminism, voices from the global south, as well as investigations into labour and class, animality, and the performance of nature.

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Earth Matters on Stage Ecology and Environment in American Theater

Earth Matters on Stage: Ecology and Environment in American Theater

1st Edition

By Theresa J. May
August 10, 2020

Earth Matters on Stage: Ecology and Environment in American Theater tells the story of how American theater has shaped popular understandings of the environment throughout the twentieth century as it argues for theater’s potential power in the age of climate change. Using cultural and environmental...

The Stage Lives of Animals Zooesis and Performance

The Stage Lives of Animals: Zooesis and Performance

1st Edition

By Una Chaudhuri
October 12, 2016

The Stage Lives of Animals examines what it might mean to make theatre beyond the human. In this stunning collection of essays, Una Chaudhuri engages with the alternative modes of thinking, feeling, and making art offered by animals and animality, bringing insights from theatre practice and theory ...

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