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Routledge Studies in Theology, Imagination and the Arts

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What have imagination and the arts to do with theology? For much of the modern era, the answer has been 'not much'. It is precisely this deficit that this series seeks to redress. For, whatever role they have or have not been granted in the theological disciplines, imagination and the arts are undeniably bound up with how we as human beings think, learn and communicate, engage with and respond to our physical and social environments and, in particular, our awareness and experience of that which transcends our own creatureliness. The arts are playing an increasingly significant role in the way people come to terms with the world; at the same time, artists of many disciplines are showing a willingness to engage with religious or theological themes. A spate of publications and courses in many educational institutions has already established this field as one of fast-growing concern. This series taps into a burgeoning intellectual concern on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond. The peculiar inter-disciplinarity of theology, and the growing interest in imagination and the arts in many different fields of human concern, afford the opportunity for a series that has its roots sunk in varied and diverse intellectual soils, while focused around a coherent theological question: How are imagination and the arts involved in the shaping and reshaping of our humanity as part of the creative and redemptive purposes of God, and what roles do they perform in the theological enterprise? Many projects within the series have particular links to the work of the Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts in the University of St Andrews, and to the Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts at Duke University.

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Faithful Performances Enacting Christian Tradition

Faithful Performances: Enacting Christian Tradition

1st Edition

Edited By Trevor A. Hart, Steven R. Guthrie
January 19, 2017

The metaphor of performance has been applied fruitfully by anthropologists and other social theorists to different aspects of human social existence, and furnishes a potentially helpful model in terms of which to think theologically about Christian life. After an introductory editorial chapter ...

Art, Imagination and Christian Hope Patterns of Promise

Art, Imagination and Christian Hope: Patterns of Promise

1st Edition

Edited By Trevor Hart, Gavin Hopps
September 08, 2016

In hope, Christian faith reconfigures the shape of what is familiar in order to pattern the contours of God's promised future. In this process, the present is continuously re-shaped by ventures of hopeful and expectant living. In art, this same poetic interplay between past, present and future ...

Scripture, Metaphysics, and Poetry Austin Farrer's The Glass of Vision With Critical Commentary

Scripture, Metaphysics, and Poetry: Austin Farrer's The Glass of Vision With Critical Commentary

1st Edition

Edited By Robert MacSwain
November 17, 2016

This book offers a critical edition of arguably the greatest work of English theology in the 20th century: Austin Farrer's Bampton Lectures published as The Glass of Vision in 1948. Farrer was an interdisciplinary genius who made original contributions to philosophy, theology, and biblical studies,...

An Introduction to Jean-Yves Lacoste

An Introduction to Jean-Yves Lacoste

1st Edition

By Joeri Schrijvers
November 10, 2016

Introducing the thought of philosopher and theologian Jean-Yves Lacoste, this book provides an overview spanning Lacoste's earliest works on sacramentality to his latest work Etre en Danger (2011) in which Lacoste opens up the liturgical experience onto a spiritual experience of life. Schrijvers ...

Theological Aesthetics after von Balthasar

Theological Aesthetics after von Balthasar

1st Edition

Edited By James Fodor, Stan Hawkins, Oleg V. Bychkov
October 19, 2016

This collection of essays by distinguished authors explores the present-day field of theological aesthetics: from von Balthasar’s contribution and parallel developments to correctives and alternatives to his approach. A tribute to von Balthasar’s own project expands into a dialogue with ancient and...

Christian Theology and Tragedy Theologians, Tragic Literature and Tragic Theory

Christian Theology and Tragedy: Theologians, Tragic Literature and Tragic Theory

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin Taylor, Giles Waller
September 28, 2011

Drawing together leading scholars from both theological and literary backgrounds, Christian Theology and Tragedy explores the rich variety of conversations between theology and tragedy. Three main areas are examined: theological readings of a range of tragic literature, from plays to novels and the...

Living Theodrama Reimagining Theological Ethics

Living Theodrama: Reimagining Theological Ethics

1st Edition

By Wesley Vander Lugt
April 11, 2014

Living Theodrama is a fresh, creative introduction to theological ethics. Offering an imaginative approach through dialogue with theatrical theory and practice, Vander Lugt demonstrates a new way to integrate actor-oriented and action-oriented approaches to Christian ethics within a comprehensive ...

Baptized Imagination The Theology of George MacDonald

Baptized Imagination: The Theology of George MacDonald

1st Edition

By Kerry Dearborn
December 15, 2006

The imagination has been called, 'the principal organ for knowing and responding to disclosures of transcendent truth'. This book probes the theological sources of the imagination, which make it a vital tool for knowing and responding to such disclosures. Kerry Dearborn approaches areas of ...

Between the Image and the Word Theological Engagements with Imagination, Language and Literature

Between the Image and the Word: Theological Engagements with Imagination, Language and Literature

1st Edition

By Trevor Hart
September 13, 2013

The central contention of Christian faith is that in the incarnation the eternal Word or Logos of God himself has taken flesh, so becoming for us the image of the invisible God. Our humanity itself is lived out in a constant to-ing and fro-ing between materiality and immateriality. Imagination, ...

Space, Time, and Presence in the Icon Seeing the World with the Eyes of God

Space, Time, and Presence in the Icon: Seeing the World with the Eyes of God

1st Edition

By Clemena Antonova
January 28, 2010

This book contributes to the re-emerging field of 'theology through the arts' by proposing a way of approaching one of the most challenging theological concepts - divine timelessness - through the principle of construction of space in the icon. One of the main objectives of this book is to discuss ...

The Poet as Believer A Theological Study of Paul Claudel

The Poet as Believer: A Theological Study of Paul Claudel

1st Edition

By Aidan Nichols, O.P.
June 10, 2011

This is the first comprehensive study of the theological significance of Paul Claudel, a poet frequently cited by literary-minded theologians in Europe and theologically-minded poets (such as von Balthasar, de Lubac and Eliot). His writing combines cosmology and history, Bible and metaphysics, ...

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