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Routledge Studies in Twentieth-Century Philosophy

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Wittgenstein and Levinas Ethical and Religious Thought

Wittgenstein and Levinas: Ethical and Religious Thought

1st Edition

By Bob Plant
April 19, 2005

Wittgenstein and Levinas examines the oft-neglected relationship between the philosophies of two of the most important and notoriously difficult thinkers of the twentieth century. By bringing the work of each philosopher to bear upon the other, Plant navigates between the antagonistic intellectual ...

Laws in Nature

Laws in Nature

1st Edition

By Stephen Mumford
September 01, 2004

Mumford outlines a major new theory of natural laws. His book begins with the question of whether there are any genuinely law-like phenomena in nature. The discussion addresses questions currently being debated by metaphysicians such as whether the laws of nature are necessary or contingent and ...

The Logic of Liberal Rights A Study in the Formal Analysis of Legal Discourse

The Logic of Liberal Rights: A Study in the Formal Analysis of Legal Discourse

1st Edition

By Eric Heinze
August 05, 2003

The Logic of Liberal Rights uses basic logic to develop a model of argument presupposed in all disputes about civil rights and liberties. No prior training in logic is required, as each step is explained. This analysis does not merely apply general logic to legal arguments but is also specifically ...

Real Metaphysics

Real Metaphysics

1st Edition

Edited By Hallvard Lillehammer, Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra
January 16, 2003

Real Metaphysics brings together new articles by leading metaphysicians to honour Hugh Mellor's outstanding contribution to metaphysics. Some of the most outstanding minds of current times shed new light on all the main topics in metaphysics: truth, causation, dispositions and properties, ...

Philosophy and Ordinary Language The Bent and Genius of our Tongue

Philosophy and Ordinary Language: The Bent and Genius of our Tongue

1st Edition

By Oswald Hanfling
February 08, 2000

What is philosophy about and what are its methods? Philosophy and Ordinary Language is a defence of the view that philosophy is largely about questions of language, which to a large extent means ordinary language. Some people argue that if philosophy is about ordinary language, then it is ...

Donald Davidson Truth, Meaning and Knowledge

Donald Davidson: Truth, Meaning and Knowledge

1st Edition

Edited By Ursula M. Zeglen
April 16, 1999

Donald Davidson has made enormous contributions to the philosophy of action, epistemology, semantics and philosophy of mind and today is recognized as one of the most important analytical philosophers of the late twentieth century.Donald Davidson: Truth, Meaning and Knowledge addresses* Davidson's ...

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