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Routledge Studies of the Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development

About the Series

This series includes a wide range of inter-disciplinary approaches to the extractive industries and sustainable development, integrating perspectives from both social and natural sciences. It includes textbooks, research monographs and titles aimed at professionals, NGOs and policy-makers. Authors or editors of potential new titles should contact Hannah Ferguson, Editor ([email protected]).

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African Artisanal Mining from the Inside Out Access, norms and power in Congo’s gold sector

African Artisanal Mining from the Inside Out: Access, norms and power in Congo’s gold sector

1st Edition

By Sara Geenen
March 21, 2019

Artisanal mining is commonly associated with violent conflict, rampant corruption and desperate poverty. Yet millions of people across Sub Sahara Africa depend on it. Many of them are living in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), home to important mineral reserves, but also to a plethora of...

Energy, Resource Extraction and Society Impacts and Contested Futures

Energy, Resource Extraction and Society: Impacts and Contested Futures

1st Edition

Edited By Anna Szolucha
August 22, 2018

Energy is central to the fabric of society. This book revisits the classic notions of energy impacts by examining the social effects of resource extraction and energy projects which are often overlooked. Energy impacts are often reduced to the narrow configurations of greenhouse gas emissions, ...

Africa's Mineral Fortune The Science and Politics of Mining and Sustainable Development

Africa's Mineral Fortune: The Science and Politics of Mining and Sustainable Development

1st Edition

Edited By Saleem H. Ali, Kathryn Sturman, Nina Collins
August 06, 2018

For too long Africa's mineral fortune has been lamented as a resource curse that has led to conflict rather than development for much of the continent. Yet times are changing and the opportunities to bring technical expertise on modern mining alongside appropriate governance mechanisms for social ...

Mining and Sustainable Development Current Issues

Mining and Sustainable Development: Current Issues

1st Edition

Edited By Sumit. K. Lodhia
January 31, 2018

Mining is a transformative activity which has numerous economic, social and environmental impacts. These impacts can be both positive and adverse, enhancing as well as disrupting economies, ecosystems and communities. The extractive industries have been criticised heavily for their adverse impacts ...

Industrialising Rural India Land, policy and resistance

Industrialising Rural India: Land, policy and resistance

1st Edition

Edited By Kenneth Bo Nielsen, Patrik Oskarsson
October 03, 2016

Rapid industrialisation is promoted by many as the most feasible way of rejuvenating the Indian economy, and as a way of generating employment on a large scale. At the same time, the transfer of land from rural communities and indigenous groups for industrial parks, mining, or Special Economic ...

Mountain Movers Mining, Sustainability and the Agents of Change

Mountain Movers: Mining, Sustainability and the Agents of Change

1st Edition

By Daniel M. Franks
September 17, 2015

The products of mining are everywhere – if it wasn’t grown, it was mined or drilled. But the mining industry has a chequered past. Pollution, human rights abuses, and corruption have tarnished the reputation of the industry across the globe. Over a decade ago the major mining companies embraced the...

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