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This series addresses the current strategic complexities of Asia and forecasts how these current complexities will shape Asia’s future. Bringing together empirical and conceptual analysis, the series examines critical aspects of Asian politics, with a particular focus on the current security and strategic complexities. The series includes academic studies from universities, research institutes and think-tanks and policy oriented studies. Focusing on security and strategic analysis on Asia’s current and future trajectory, this series welcomes submissions on relationship patterns (bilateral, trilateral and multilateral) in Indo-Pacific, regional and sub-regional institutions and mechanisms, corridors and connectivity, maritime security, infrastructure politics, trade and economic models and critical frontiers (boundaries, borders, bordering provinces) that are crucial to Asia’s future.

Please submit your proposals to the series editor Jagannath P. Panda: [email protected]

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Asian Geopolitics and the US–China Rivalry

Asian Geopolitics and the US–China Rivalry

1st Edition

Edited By Felix Heiduk
July 23, 2021

This book analyses the ways in which foreign policy actors in Asia have responded to the emerging great power conflict between the US and the People's Republic of China focusing on medium and small states across the Indo-Pacific. The book offers a much-needed counterpoint to existing analyses on ...

India and the Arab Unrest Challenges, Dilemmas and Engagements

India and the Arab Unrest: Challenges, Dilemmas and Engagements

1st Edition

By Prasanta Kumar Pradhan
July 09, 2021

This book is a study of India’s political, diplomatic and security challenges caused by the changing geopolitical and security dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Like many other countries, India has been deeply affected by the unrest in the Arab world. As India has several ...

Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific New Geopolitical Realities

Conflict and Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific: New Geopolitical Realities

1st Edition

Edited By Ash Rossiter, Brendon J. Cannon
April 28, 2020

This book explores the most important strategic questions about the emerging Indo-Pacific region by offering an incisive analysis on the current and future patterns of competition and cooperation of key nations in the region. Examining emerging policies of cooperation and conflict adopted by ...

The Korean Peninsula and Indo-Pacific Power Politics Status Security at Stake

The Korean Peninsula and Indo-Pacific Power Politics: Status Security at Stake

1st Edition

Edited By Jagannath P. Panda
February 21, 2020

This book assesses the strategic linkages that the Korean Peninsula shares with the Indo-Pacific and provides a succinct picture of issues which will shape the trajectory of the Korean Peninsula in the future.This book analyses how critical actors such as the United States, China, Russia and Japan ...

Northeast India and India's Act East Policy Identifying the Priorities

Northeast India and India's Act East Policy: Identifying the Priorities

1st Edition

Edited By M. Amarjeet Singh
July 10, 2019

This book offers an understanding of the expectations and challenges of Northeast India in the context of India's Act East policy. It critically examines how the policy is being pursued by the incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government and analyses its relevance from local perspectives...

India and China in Asia Between Equilibrium and Equations

India and China in Asia: Between Equilibrium and Equations

1st Edition

Edited By Jagannath P. Panda
April 11, 2019

This book analyses the structure of the India–China relationship and the two prominent powers’ positions with and against each other, bilaterally and globally, in a complex Asian environment and beyond. India and China’s perceptions of one another are evaluated to reveal how the order of Asia is ...

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